Thanksgiving 2012

This year for Thanksgiving, I decided to make a turkey and some sides. Since I had some homework to do I only made 2 sides, and since this dinner was a last minute thing, I didn’t have much time to plan. I invited few of my cousins over since no one else could make it and luckily there was more than enough food for them to bring back to their family.

Sorry for the blurry picture!

I purchased a 10 pound turkey and brined it for 2 days. I didn’t realize that the wings were missing LOL, don’t know why they (as in the manufacturers) chopped off the wings because that’s my favourite part! I rubbed the turkey with herb butter and baked it at 325 degrees Fahrenheit until the internal temperature reached 385 degrees F, about 3 hours.

Technically I only made 1 side, being the mashed potatoes because I didn’t make the biscuits, I only baked them. I did make the gravy though, but I had no help at all so I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with too many things. If you’re wondering where the vegetables are, I was originally planning on making some, but got too lazy since everyone was waiting to eat.

The feast

We also ordered some sushi from Sushi Nanaimo, and it was delicious, as always.  Above is a picture taken after we dug in, but that’s what we ate.

We were all stuffed afterwards. The turkey turned out good and I can’t wait to make another feast next year.

To end off this post, here’s a picture of Yuki, who also came over for Thanksgiving dinner. She was watching my dad carve the turkey the whole time, hoping bits of turkey would drop on the ground haha.


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