Mini Crossbody Bags: My New Necessity for School

I mentioned earlier that I lost my phone. The story behind that is that I had to go to the washroom at the library, so I left my backpack with my friend but took my cellphone with me to the washroom. Having no pockets, I placed my phone on top of the toilet paper dispenser and forgot it; how incredibly stupid of me. So now, in addition to my backpack, I will carry a mini crossbody bag to school, where I will place my phone, money and ID’s and any other necessities. Probably sounds silly doesn’t it? But I find it very annoying having to swing my backpack just to get my phone (when I’m not wearing anything with pockets), or my wallet or my bus pass and student ID. Carrying a mini crossbody bag will eliminate the need to swing my backpack and allow me to easily access my things (especially my phone).

Here are my picks for mini crossobody bags:

{Marc by Marc Jacbos Classic Q – Karlie’ Crossbody Flap Bag}

{ Topshop Gold Stude Suede Clutch}

{Tory Burch Robinson Expandable Concierge Wallet}

{Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C shoulder bag}

{Kate Spade ‘gold coast – ginnie’ crossbody bag}

{Forever 21 Metal Trim Crossbody bag}

{MICHAEL Michael Kors Charlton crossbody bag}


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