Hog Shack Cook House

A while back, while in Steveston with my dad and brother, we decided to go to Hog Shack for lunch. I’ve heard a lot of buzz around Hog Shack, but took so long to try it because it is quite far from where I reside. Our visit turned out to be an unmemorable one; the food was decent but the service was horrible. More on that later.

When we arrived, it wasn’t very busy but  the tables filled up very quickly after we sat down.


My dad ordered the smoked beef brisket plate with sauted veggies and cornbread – House smoked beef brisket, piled high with texas toast. Unfortunately the brisket was a bit dry, but the sides were delicious.

I went for the smoke lover’s combo with sauteed veggies and Spanish rice pilaf- Smoked Brisket & Pulled Pork with texas toast. Again, the brisket was dry. I would have liked some more sauce for the pulled pork, but flavour, wise it was alright. I enjoyed the sides more than the protein since the veggies were cooked nicely and the rice pilaf was flavorful.

My brother ordered the smoke chicken quarters (2 pieces) with mashed potatoes and Spanish rice pilaf. This ended up being the best dish of the day. The chicken was juicy and had enough tangy BBQ sauce.


I mentioned earlier in the post that service was horrible. After the waitress took our orders, she disappeared. After the food was delivered to our table, the waitress was never to be seen again. Another waitress was refilling water at all the tables, except she didn’t refill our waters. She looked at us, walked straight past us, and proceeded to refill the water at the tables around us. Not really a big deal but we were really thirsty and drank all of our water. After we finished our food, we waited for the waitress to come back so we could ask for the bill. Well guess what? She never came back to our table so my dad went up to pay and did not tip them.

Overall, I don’t think I will return. There are many other places to eat in Steveston and the food did not make up for the horrible service we received.



2 thoughts on “Hog Shack Cook House

  1. Josh here from the BlinkPacking blog. Oh how I love barbecue — I would love to try every stand in America if I had time. I wish you all the best with your blogging. Cheers!

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