This and That

After finishing my biology midterm on Monday (which I’m positive I did horribly on) I finally had some time to actually have a social life this week! This included watching 2 movies, trying new foods, making a trip to Ikea and seeing Metric live in concert (which was amazing by the way!). Here are some pictures of my week via my phone and my dad’s point and shoot:

{My favourite time of the year is Christmas! I love drinking Joy Tea Latte’s from Starbucks during this time of the year}

{I don’t usually eat Mcdonalds, but I decided to try the new (to Canada) Chicken McBites }

{Breakfast combo with sausage and over easy eggs from school. Much needed after an extremely boring early morning English class}

{Pho at Pho Tan}

{Interesting light fixtures at Tacofino Commissary}

{Pambazo via Tacofino Commissary}

{Metric concert: they ended with an acoustic version of “Gimme Sympathy” and it gave me shivers}

{A trip to Ikea wouldn’t be complete without eating some Swedish meatballs LOL. Also pictured on the right is a cupcake and almond cake}

I hope you enjoyed this picture filled post and I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Thanks for reading!


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