Recent Purchases

With all the Black Friday sales going on, I was excited to shop. I only ended up getting 1 item on sale though; a jacket from American Eagle online because they were having 40% off everything and free shipping.

{This jacket is sold out on AE but I’ve seen Material Girl and Top Shop carry it}

From Little Burgundy I got:

{Everything Augusta toque- so soft and comfy}

{I’ve been really into stud’s lately so I got these stud earrings}

I also bought a pack of macaron’s from Bel Cafe, yum!

{Flavours include: raspberry, vanilla, pb&j, pistachio, cookies and cassia, cookies and cream (my all time fav) and dark chocolate}

I also ordered some items off Forever 21 online but it’s not very interesting. So that concludes my Black Friday “haul”. I find that I have less of a desire to shop for clothing nowadays, which is great for my wallet but I just end up spending most of my money on food… LOL


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