Baker’s Market [2012]

If you know me, you know I love sweets. After my first experience with the Baker’s Market last year (read post here), I was excited to go again this year. After a month of non-stop group projects and studying, I was finally able to find one Saturday to check it out. December 8th marks the last day for the Baker’s Market, so I recommend you go check it out before it ends!

Since it’s December, many of the vendors had Christmas themed goodies. Most of the vendors give out free sample, so feel free to ask for some. I apologize for some of the photos; I rushed taking many of the photos

{This stall had many delectable looking sweets including cannele’s . The lady working there was also extremely friendly and offered us samples}


{I didn’t go to this stall so I am not sure what these are, but they are cute!}

{I remember this stand from last year. I love their maple bacon scones and raspberry lemonade bars}

{BAKED benny cookies}

{This stand had these cute macaron/cookie pops}

{This stand had many delicious looking cupcakes and a cookie tree}

{Chocolates from La Chocolaterie}

You’re probably wondering what I bought, or probably not, but I’ll show you anyways:

{Lemon tart, pack of cannele’s and matcha chocolate}

My purchase this time was minimal compared to last year. I preferred the vendors present at last year’s Baker’s Market more but I still enjoyed this year’s market.


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