Holiday Recap

I am back from my holiday festivities! Since most of my friends are out of town this year, I spent most of my holidays with family eating and cooking. Here are some pictures:

I baked a turkey for my aunts Christmas dinner but I forgot to take a picture. It turned out great though, brining the turkey made it succulent!

{Christmas dinner #1 featuring my turkey and food made by my uncle}

Christmas dinner #2 was held at my Grandma’s house. Christmas also marks my grandma’s birthday, so we celebrated both occasions. For the dinner, I made snicker doodle cookies and cheated by using a box mix. It didn’t turn out very good, so next time I’ll stick to baking from scratch

{Snicker doodle cookies}

{Christmas dinner #2 featuring Chinese food and sushi}

{My plate of food}

{My Grandma’s massive birthday cake}

Lastly, my cousin and I baked banana crumble muffins before attending a family reunion, which was very akward.

{Banana crumble muffins, which turned out really good!}

I also did some boxing day/ week purchases. I might post some pictures of my purchases if I find time to take pictures of them. On another note, I can’t believe it is new years eve already. I must say, 2012 wasn’t a very good year for me, but I am hoping for a better 2013. So I hope everyone has a good new years eve and thanks for reading!




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