Browns Social House (Kitsilano)

Quite some time ago, I purchased a Groupon for Browns Social House because I was curious about their food. To be truthful, I am not a big fan of chain restaurants because they are quite expensive for a student like myself. My dining companion this time around was Es S and here is what we ordered:

We started off with hot wings served with a creamy dip. Es S found these to be too sour and they were mild in terms of spiciness.

Es S ordered the ultimate chicken club burger ($ 15.45) – onion ring, bacon, havarti, bbq sauce. Es S said this was a tasty burger.

I went for one of the healthy social bowls and ordered the blackened chicken bowl ($15.45)- spicy salsa, almond rice, cowgirl salad. The chicken was not dry from what I remember but I really enjoyed the almond rice in this dish, it tasted like oil rice you get with Hanainese chicken.

I went to Browns with low expectations, but I was quite impressed with the food we ate, with the exception of the chicken wings. With that being said, I will probably not return anytime soon because the of the location, which is far from where I live and because the prices are too high for me.



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