Whet: Kitchen. Bar. Patio

One of my blogging resolutions for 2013 is to post all the restaurant reviews I have backed up on my computer from last year. With my resolution aside, last summer, my dad and I biked from False Creek to Granville Island and it was very relaxing. As we arrived at Granville Island, we were feeling hungry so we decided to try out Whet because it has been on our “to try” list of restaurants in Granville Island.

We arrived during brunch and decided to sit on the patio, the view was nice although I didn’t take any pictures of it. Here is what we got:

I started off with the tomato saffron seafood chowderpotato, bacon, fresh seafood, fresh herbs, creme fraiche ($6). The portion was bigger than I had anticipated and it was filled with a good amount of fresh seafood. The bacon added a salty flavour to the chowder but unlike the name, I didn’t detect much tomato or saffron in the chowder. Overall I enjoyed the chowder.

My dad ordered the bacon cheddar omelette alderwood smoked bacon, aged white cheddar, mushrooms, shallots, red jacket hashbrowns and fresh fruit ($14). I only took a bite of his potatoes and they were nicely seasoned and as for the omelette, my dad said he enjoyed it. From the appearance of the omelette, it looked nicely cooked.

I ordered the chorizo hash– bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, potatoes, tomato sauce, poached eggs, market-fresh chorizo, hollandaise ($14). I got the hollandaise on the side because I am not a fan of hollaindaise sauce. At first, I thought the addition of tomato sauce would make the hash too wet, but it turned out to work very well with all the ingredients. From what I recall, there was a good amount of chorizo in the dish. My only complaint is that I would have liked the potatoes crispier, but it probably would have turned soggy from the tomato sauce.

Here’s a shot of the hash with the yolks broken. To be honest, I don’t like egg yolks but I will eat them from time to time at restaurants. I love eggs though, but only the whites.

We also ordered a mango yogurt smoothie which I forgot to take a picture of, but I thought it wasn’t worth the price.

Overall, the dishes we ordered at Whet were above average but not mind lowing. The prices are a bit high for brunch, but given it’s located in Granville Island, it’s understandable. My only complaint was that the waitress seemed a bit cold and disinterested with my dad and I. She was the complete opposite with the table seated next to us where she was very cheerful and attentive.



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