Long Week & Moii Cafe

What a long and stressful week this week had been. With midterms and tests coming up next week, I’ve been sleep deprived lately. Biology has been frustrating, especially genetics. I sought help from a tutor at school and she was surprised that we were learning second year genetics in a first year biology course for non-science majors. Sciences has never been my forte, hence my decision to go into Arts.

Anyways…. enough about my biology woes. Yesterday after class, I decided to try out this cute little cafe situated on Cambie, just a few steps from La Taqueria. I was originally going to go to my go-to place, Marulilu Cafe, but I decided to try Moii Cafe to change things up a bit.

Moii Cafe has an assortmentĀ  regular coffee shop drinks such as lattes and what not, but in addition, they also have bubble tea (fresh fruit and milk tea) and sweet and savoury crepes.

The interior is eclectic, but it felt really homey to me, especially with the vintage chairs

I ordered a white chocolate crepe & lavender milk tea because I was in the mood for a sweet crepe. The lavender milk tea was refreshing with a subtle hint of lavender. As for the white chocolate crepe, unfortunately the crepe itself was a little too browned (probably from the batter being spread out too thin) and became crunchy in some parts. For my personal preference, I like my crepes a bit chewier. I will be back to try their savory crepes and other bubble tea drinks.

I wish I had brought my camera to take nicer pictures, but I rarely bring my camera to school because I get paranoid about people stealing my things and bringing a laptop and camera to school is not very practical for me.

So that was the only highlight of my week… how sad. I hope everyone has a good weekend and thanks for reading!


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