Street Food City 2 Food Truck Festival

I was actually unaware this was going on until I heard it on the radio yesterday while getting ready to go downtown with Cn5. Since we were already going to downtown, Cn5 happily agreed to go with me to check out some food carts. Tomorrow (January 27th) is the last day of the festival, so if you want to check it out, there is more info here.

When we arrived around 12pm, it was quite busy. It was hard to choose which food cart we wanted to try, but we finally settled on 2 to try.

Some food trucks include Yolk’s, The Juice Truck, Guanaco, Re Up, Feastro, Mom’s grilled cheese, Holy Perogy

Cn5 decided to get something from The Kaboom Box and got her food relatively fast because the line was short there.

Cn5 got the oyster po boy and upgraded her fries to a poutine. She said some parts of the sandwich was dry but she enjoyed the coleslaw in the sandwich. I tried some of the poutine, which is made with mushroom gravy, and it was decent.

I decided to try Yolk’s because a particular item on their menu enticed me. The line was quite long for Yolk’s and I think after waiting in line to order and waiting for my food, it took about 20 minutes.

After the wait, my free range chicken and waffles was finally ready!. I’m not sure if this is the regular portion because they were sold out of this after I ordered and from the looks of it, they were running out of waffle batter by the time they made the last few orders. Aside from that, the breaded boneless chicken was fried to perfection and was quite juicy. The fluffy waffle’s taste reminded me of those buns that they sell at Chinese bakeries, kind of like a brioche bun. The whole thing was drizzled with some maple butter and was delicious albeit the small portion.

I recommend you check the festival before it closes!


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