Dine Out Vancouver 2013: Catch 122

Last year I didn’t have time to try any restaurants for Dine Out, so I was happy that I was able to try at least one restaurant this year. Since I was going with Es S and M,  Es S choose which restaurant to go to and she chose Catch 122 in Gastown. I’m glad she chose Catch 122 because I had a great experience.  I’m feeling lazy, therefore I’m going to do this review in point form.

The lighting inside was quite dim, with candle light being the main lighting. Not very practical for food pictures but good for intimate dates (if that’s what you’re looking for haha).

We started off with some bread, which Es S ended up using with her appetizer.

We chose one of each of the appetizers:

Prawn bisque with seared scallop:

  • least favourite appetizer
  • found it a bit bland, but later found out that all the salt was at the bottom, which made the broth really salty
  • not as creamy or rich, a bit thin

Duck Confit raviolihouse-made duck confit ravioli, ricotta, sage butter

  • good amount of filling and nice flavours
  • Es S thought the skin tasted like a Chinese dumpling skin

Avocado Tequila Sorbet, Salmon Tartarehouse-made avocado Tequila sorbet

  • refreshing tequila sorbet
  • melt-in-your-mouth salmon

Like the appetizers, we each got one of the entrees:

Pan-seared Steelhead Trout, Maple Butterasparagus risotto

  • nicely cooked trout with crispy skin
  • risotto was a bit too watery with a strong white wine taste
  • Es S thought that leaving the asparagus whole would have been better than it being cut into small pieces

Rabbit three waysbraised leg, pan seared rack, prosciutto wrapped tenderloin stuffed with mushroom and sage, lemongrass rabbit jus

  • Nicely cooked, not overcooked
  • nice flavours

Beef side ribs smoked and braised in house-made barbecue sauce, bone marrow mashed potato

  • favourite dish of the night
  • beef was extremely tender
  • rich flavour
  • nicely cooked vegetables and creamy mashed potatoes

For dessert, M and I chose the same item so we only tried 2 of the 3 choices:

PBJ ice-cream sandwich–  House-made peanut butter ice-cream, raspberry sorbet, chocolate chip cookie

  • not too sweet
  • refreshing raspberry ice-cream

Sticky toffee puddinghazelnut Baileys cream

  • my favourite dessert out of the 2
  • delicious toffee flavour

Overall, I had a good experience. There service was superb and the male servers were good eye candy 😉


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