Vegas In a Glance

S.A.W mentioned that I haven’t updated in a while… so here I am updating my blog. After a short trip to Vegas, I am back to my daily routine which includes nothing but midterms and papers. WiFi was not free at our hotel in Vegas, so I didn’t have a chance to update my blog. I took some photos on my camera (surprisingly not that many), but I haven’t uploaded them onto my computer yet, so I will post the pictures I took with my phone. Warning, this post is picture heavy!

We stayed at the Monte Carlo and for the price we paid (my dad said under $100 per night) it wasn’t too bad.

{View from our room}

{ I believe this is from the Bellagio}

{Late night snacking with Es S: Fish Mcbites, Cheetos and drinks}

{Tried the fish Mcbites from McDonalds while I was in Vegas}

{blurry picture taken from the strip}

{Round 1 @ the buffet at Aria}

{Round 2}

{Inside Ceasar’s Palace}

{Desserts from Wicked Spoon Buffet: chocolate dipped strawberries, thai tea ice cream, macarons and sweet potatoe flan}

{Waiting for the tram at Luxor}

{Desserts at the buffet at Aria: cake mousse pop, panna cotta, whoopie pie, croissant and flan}

{Another late night snack: Sriracha chips and Thai tea}

{our flight was delayed for about 1.5 hours so I took a picture of this at the airport}

While in Vegas, I got a text from someone (which I will not mention to spare the embarrassment) asking if I was alive because she read about the shooting and car crash that took place at the Flamingo hotel while I was in Vegas. Since I am writing this, I am indeed alive.


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