This and That: Food & Life Lately

A while back I was having dreams with a reoccurring theme; water. I never really thought much about it because I frequently have weird dreams but during English class, my prof mentioned that water symbolizes change. Like my dream, I didn’t really think much about it because I’m not really the superstitious type. Anyways, this story is going no where but the “change” in my life is that I am possibly moving to a new city in September.

I’ll update more about that in the coming months, but as for now, here’s a compilation of some food I’ve eaten in the past month or so:

From top left to right: takoyaki via my kitchen; okonomiyaki from Marulilu Cafe; grilled pork and spring roll from this new Vietnamese restaurant called Tonkin on Main Street (the one that replaced Honolulu).

From bottom left to right: chicken and waffles from Two Chefs and a Table; takeout from Song Huong; Ebi Ten plate with added tempura crisps from Ebi Ten

I downloaded this app on my phone and decided to play with it one night and here is the end product. I’ve been eating out way too much lately and the money I received from Chinese New Year is slowly decreasing…

Vancouver weather has been nice for the past few days, too bad I have to study. I hope everyone enjoys their weekend and thanks for reading!


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