Macaron Day 2013

Happy Macaron Day! Unfortunately, I did not eat any macarons today because I have a lot of school work to do. Instead, I’ll showcase some pictures I have taken of macarons since last years post! You can check out my post about macaron day from last year here

{Macarons from Ganache patisserie}

{Macarons from Indulgence bakery}

{Fabourg macaron}

{French Made Baking macarons}

{Macarons from Kitchening with Carly (now known as Kitchening & co.)}

{Macarons from Napoleon’s Macaron in LA. Best macarons I’ve had so far}

{Macarons from Simply French Cafe}

{Bel Cafe macarons}

{Macaron ice-cream sandwich from Kitchening & Co.}

{Terra Bread Macaron’s}

I have a picture of macaron’s from Terra Bread but I forgot to upload it onto my computer so I will add that on later (I’m at my aunts house as I write this post). Hope you enjoyed this post and the first day of spring!

EDIT: I added the picture I was originally missing.


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