Spring Blues: Afternoon Tea & Food

I was looking at my photos from last year and I realized how much happier I was then. Now, I don’t go out much and all I do is school related work, which in turn has made me feel a bit down. I did however, try this new place on Cambie called LuvCraving for Afternoon tea with S.A.W. I forgot to bring my camera because I actually forgot that we were meeting that day until 10 mintues prior to our meeting time.. good thing I was at school, which is about 10 minutes away from the place.

Here’s a picture of our food. We got the signature afternoon tea and the petite afternoon tea:


And here is some pictures of food I’ve taken over the past few weeks:

{Blowfish bento box from Blowfish sushi; Veggie burger with salad from Roots cafe}

{London Fog & Earl Grey cake from Trafiq; Also in the picture, Geek Love, which I was reading for English class}

On the bright side, I am dog siting this week, which I quite enjoy. I hope you all have a nice, relaxing weekend!


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