For the Love of… Tea

I’ve always been a fan of tea, especially floral ones but not so much minty or fruity teas. Lately I’ve been really into tea and purchased a few goodies for my tea drinking pleasure:

{Breville The Milk Cafe; Jumpy Monkey tea from Davids Tea; coffee press}

Since I enjoy drinking tea latte’s so much, I convinced my dad to get me Breville’s The Milk Cafe, which creates frothy, warm milk. I also purchased a coffee press to steep loose tea leaves in and Jumpy Monkey, a mate tea infused with coffee beans, almonds, white chocolate and other roasted barks and roots, from David’s tea.

I decided to make a tea latte using my new machine and coffee press. My tea of choice was Earl Grey Cream Reserve with added rosebuds.

{Frothed milk & steeped tea}

{Homemade Earl Grey latte served in my favourite Union Jack mug}

Are you a tea drinker or do you prefer coffee? I personally enjoy both but I can’t pass up a nice cup of tea lattee, especially London Fog’s and Matcha latte’s.


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