Easter Long Weekend

Hello readers, I hope you are all enjoying your Easter long weekend. My week so far has been filled with gluttony and time with family. The spring weather in Vancouver has been lovely, I never realized how much I enjoy spring. With the nice weather, I tried to go out more and enjoy the weather since I’ve been stuck indoors these past few weeks due to school.

I also want to give a shout out to my good friend S.A.W, who has started a new blog! You can read her blog, Next Stop, Happyness, here . Check out her blog for post about food, Kpop, Korean dramas and more!

Here are some pictures of my week:

{Learning about nutrition and talking about fish made me really crave Sushi Nanaimo’s spicy salmon sashimi :P}

{I was so happy to be able to eat king crab this year since I didn’t get to eat it last year. Pictured above is steamed king crab legs with garlic}

{Went to the auto show with my dad. I go almost every year because I like looking at and sitting in new cars}

{I was thirsty after the auto show so I got a Dry Lavender Soda from Urban Fare}

{I made red velvet waffles. Pictured above is a picture of my half eaten waffled loaded with cream cheese frosting and strawberries}

{Went to the cemetery on Good Friday and here’s a view of Burnaby}

{S.A.W.’s homeage to Earl Grey cake from Trafiq}

{Es S and I’s food and drink purchases from Fujiya}

{My favourite part of spring!}

{I went to the Plenty Warehouse sale but didn’t end up getting anything}

I hope you all enjoy the rest of the long weekend and thanks for reading!


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