Easter Sunday in Steveston

I love going to Steveston, especially when the weather is nice. On Easter Sunday, my dad and I went to Steveston for some food and to take pictures. Being a holiday, there were many people at Steveston as well as many cute dogs… hehe.

I wanted fish and chips from Pajo’s but the line was long and with limited seating, my dad and I decided to eat at Sockeye City Grill :

I had a mojito and large cod fish and chips. The mojito was refreshing and great for the sunny weather. Sadly, the fish was not very crispy but the fries were good. My dad had a sea breeze and crab cake benny. The crab cakes was fried to perfection and my dad enjoyed the dish.

Outpost mini donut company has been on my list of “to try” places for a while now, so after a short walk around Steveston, we went got half a dozen of mini donuts:

They had a good variety of flavours and the mini donuts we ordered were still warm. I think my expectations were too high for this place. Even though I enjoyed the mini donut itself, all the flavours tasted similar to me. I thought some of the glazed ones were a bit too sweet, but the cinnamon sugar was delicious.

So that was my Easter Sunday in Steveston. With exams fast approaching, my days will be limited to studying…. sigh. On  the bright side, I will have a nice 4 month summer break. Thanks for reading!


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