Vegas Part 3: Hard Rock Cafe, Cirque Du Soleil and More

On our third day in Vegas, we went to Hard Rock Cafe for breakfast. Unfortunately, the food was cold and wasn’t very satisfying… overall a mediocre experience but breakfast is not their forte, so I wasn’t expecting much:

{Chicken and waffles from Hard Rock Cafe}

{Pancakes, sausage, hashbrown and poached eggs}

{Breakfast Burrito from Hard Rock Cafe}

After breakfast, we walked around the strip and had to make a big detour due to the shooting at the Flamingo that happened the day before.

{A big part of the strip was closed off due to the shooting}

{After a big detour, we finally made it to Cesar’s Palace}

The only show we watched in Vegas was Cris Angel Believe Cirque Du Soleil. It was more of a magic show then Cirque Du Soleil and not what I was expecting, but I quite enjoyed it because I use to watch Cris Angel’s show on TV all the time.

We also ate dinner at the buffet located inside the Luxor hotel but I didn’t take any pictures of that. So that concludes part 3 of my Vegas series!


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