New Camera: Olympus E-PL5

Like the title states, I have acquired a new camera! I’ve been thinking about getting a micro four third’s camera for a while now and after much deliberation and waiting, I finally got one. I originally wanted the Olympus OM-D EM5, but the sales associate at Kerrisdale Camera suggested the Olympus EP-L 5, as it was almost identical and much cheaper, so I settled on that. The main reason I got a micro four third’s is for it’s compact size and image quality. Although I enjoy using my DSLR, it’s bulky and at times a hassle to carry around.

I took my new camera out and snapped some food shots at Ikea:

{Meatballs and mash potatoes from Ikea}

{My brother’s roast chicken and fries from Ikea}

I also snapped a picture of my favourite side dish from Koryo:

{Garlic potatoes from Koryo: so delicious but expensive as a stand alone item (this was $3.99)}

I want to get a nicer lens, but since I need to save money for school, I will settle on the one I have. Thanks for reading and have a good day!



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