Kelowna Bound

It’s official, in September I will be moving to Kelowna to attend The University of British Columbia Okanagan. This past Friday, with my parents in tow, we drove down to Kelowna for the day to attend a campus tour. The drive was about four hours of mountainous views but I slept most of the time.. haha. Anyways.. here’s a photo diary of my day trip to Kelowna (using my new Olympus camera):

We left the house at 7am and our first pit stop was in Chilliwak for gas and breakfast. We had breakfast at Ranchers, which is conveniently connected to the gas station

{I ordered sausage and eggs with my eggs cooked over easy}

{Mountainous view}

{There is still snow on the mountains despite the warmer temperature}

{View of the campus. The campus is surrounded by beautiful scenery}

{Another view of the campus. It was quite warm that day compared to Vancouver}

Before we drove back to Vancouver, my mom decided we should stop at McDonalds to eat some food:

{Fillet-O-Fish with fries. I really wanted to eat at a restaurant but we were pressed for time so we needed something fast}

When we arrived back in Vancouver at around 9:30pm, my parents wanted some late night food so we went to Venice Garden:

{Peking duck was on special that day, so we ordered that along with some other dishes that I did not take pictures of. Bad idea eating this late at night as it’s too fatty to eat before bedtime}

So that was my day trip to Kelowna. I have about 4 more months in Vancouver until I move and a plethora of things to do before I do. I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!


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