Review: Ovaltine Malted Milk Ice Confection

While shopping at T&T supermarket, a new ice-cream caught my eye. It is advertised as “nutritional malted milk ice confection”, but I don’t really know if it’s that nutritional. I decided to give it a try as I enjoyed drinking Ovaltine as a child. They have two kinds, a chocolate flavour and a malted milk flavour. I went for the latter:


The box contains four individual servings of the ice-cream and a cute spoon to eat it with:

  • Flavour: It tasted like malted milk, like I was eating Ovaltine in a solid form. It wasn’t was creamy as I expected, but I enjoyed how similar it tasted to the drink. It wasn’t overly sweet, which I like because sometimes ice-cream can be too sweet.
  • Texture: One thing I found about this is that it had a gritty texture, perhaps from the Ovaltine powder. It’s not that bad though, it doesn’t deter from the eating experience but I’m assuming since it’s an ice confection, it doesn’t have the smooth texture of ice cream.
  • Verdict: To sum it up, it tasted like Ovaltine with a gritty ice-cream like texture. If you enjoy drinking Ovaltine (the malted milk flavour), you’ll probably enjoy this. I like the individual serving sizes and packaging, especially the cute spoon that came with it. Would i purchase this again? Yes, most likely.

I purchased this from T&T supermarket, but I’ve seen it at Price Smart foods and I’m sure you can get it at Asian supermarkets.



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