Review: Price Smart Foods Macarons

While grocery shopping at Price Smart Foods, specifically the Richmond location, I came across a 12 pack of macaraon’s. I was intrigued and decided to try them out. The price for a pack of 12 was about $9, which is fairly cheaper than many other places offering macarons for about $2 a macaron.

The macarons come in a clear container which isn’t as visually appealing as the other places, but it does the job and is expected for grocery store sold macarons.

The box includes 6 flavours: vanilla, pistachio, coffee, lemon, raspberry and chocolate. All of them are filled with butter cream except the chocolate, which is filled with ganache and the raspberry, which is filled with jam.

Here’s a rundown of the macarons:

  • Size: These macarons are on the smaller size, but still a good size to eat.
  • Texture: Due to the macarons being refrigerated, the shell wasn’t as delicate and crisp but instead quite soft.
  • Flavour: Flavour wise, I found it to be faint. I would have liked it to be stronger but it was still enjoyable

Overall, I thought the macarons were actually not bad for supermarket quality. Flavour wise, they aren’t as good as the others, but good for those who are just looking for basic, cheap macarons. Would I purchase them again? If I’m in the mood for some macarons and so happen to be buying groceries, then yes.


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