EAT! Vancouver: Food and Wine Festival 2013

Eat! Vancouver is one of my favourite festivals to attend. It’s a food lover’s dream! I’ve been going for many years now and this year did not disappoint. Es S, SAW and I attended the festival last Friday a little bit after it opened its doors at 2pm. I wished I was able to attend the festival on Saturday because Chuck Huges (one of my favourite chefs) was cooking on the celebrity chef stage. Despite not being able to see Chuck, I had a great time seeing new products, eating, drinking and sampling. Here are some of my high lights of the festival:

Membertime, a members-only website offering discounts at partnered restaurants around Vancouver, gave out free bags with a bottle of water to people who signed up. According to the information provided, they will be launched at the end of June. It sounded intriguing so we all signed up.

This stall also intrigued me. It is a monthly tea subscription where each month, you will be mailed a number of teas. I believe the cost is around $20 a month. Great concept for those who are avid tea drinkers searching for new teas to try.

I enjoyed the sample of Mash from the stall, so I bought two to take home. They are refreshing and a good alternative to pop.

These Good Drink teas are also great tasting but I didn’t buy any.

These CheeCha Puffs are so tasty and contain significantly lower amounts of calories than chips. They also have a few gluten free varieties.

SAW bought a bag of chocolate dipped and chocolate drizzled madeleines from Le Gavroche.

The vanilla flavoured almond milk from Almond Fresh is one of the best I’ve tried.

I’ve always wanted to try the white chocolate peanut butter from Peanut Butter & Co and luckily for me, they were giving out samples of it. In the end, it was underwhelming and a tad too sweet for my liking.

On to my purchases…..

I was thirsty during the festival so I bought a Lemon Lion Organic Lemonade. For $1, it was a great deal as the lemonade was refreshing and I love how it is sweetened with agave, which is what I use at home as a sweetner.

I love Coconama chocolate’s so I bought a variety pack that includes the flavours green tea, coffee, strawberry, mango, original milk and dark chocolate.

Here’s what we ate at the bites of Vancouver section:

In terms of vendors, I thought last year had better vendors. I was happy to see Ebo offering their delicious roti and satay chicken skewers again this year. Like last year, that was my favourite dish. Other dishes to note SAW’s lettuce wrap from The Noodle Box. Many people repeatedly asked her where she got it, so it must have looked good. An interesting item was the beef tartar taco from Tacofino. I am not sure if this is on their regular menu but it was quite good.

By the end of the festival, our hands were full of goody bags of samples and our purchases. So that concludes my post for this years EAT! Vancouver. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!


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