International Summer Night Market

Last week I went to the Summer Night Market, aka “the old night market”. I needed a new phone case and an excuse to eat night market food, and the summer night market was the perfect destination. The Summer Night Market was selected over the Richmond Night Market because we had visited the Richmond Night Market a week prior and wanted to see what the Summer Night Market had to offer.

What we ate:

{Pork intestine soup– unfortunately, there were only a 2 pieces of pork intestine according to SAW, but good nonetheless, although not as flavourful as the ones in Hong Kong or Taiwan}

{From Bubble Waffle Cafe: cheesecake bubble waffle. I love Bubble Waffle Cafe’s bubble waffle. This had a salty aftertaste to it but I still enjoyed the crispy exterior and soft interior}

{Takoyaki– piping hot but a tad undercooked on the inside}

{1/2 order of Okonomiyaki– nice flavour and crunch from cabbage. I think this is deep fried}

{Lamb, chicken and pork skewers– we thought it lacked flavour, especially the lamb}

{Pad Thai– good according to SAW}

{Mango pancake– layers of mango and whipped cream layered between soft crepe like pancakes= delicious. I thought there was too much whipped cream though}

{What I like at the Summer Night Market over the Richmond Night Market: Thai Food, specifically…..}

{Thai iced tea in a reusable cup. I requested a less sweet iced tea because Thai iced tea can be overly sweet for my preference}

{Thai chicken satay & Thai pork spring rolls– mix and match for $6. All were delicious, chicken was moist and the accompanying sweet chili sauce went very nicely with the spring roll}

{Hurricane potato w/ ketchup and ketchup powder– I remember when these use to be $2, now they are $4}

{Shaved ice with vanilla ice-cream, mango and mochi– I was looking forward to eating this the whole night and it did not disappoint. The mochi is similar to the sweet dumplings found in chinese dessert soups and not like the Japanese kind}

Overall, I thought the Summer Night Market had a good variety of food stands. If you want to beat the sea of people, I would recommend going earlier, around 7pm and don’t forget to bring cash. Although there is less selection of food compared to the Richmond Night Market, I thought prices were a tad lower and less people, which equates to less pushing and shoving. An added bonus is there is no $2 entrance fee and free parking around the area if you don’t mind walking.

International Summer Night Market 國際夏日夜市 on Urbanspoon


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