Budget Friendly Food: Fujiya’s Katsu Don

As I student, I enjoy finding food that is budget friendly and tasty. Today’s budget friendly food post is on Fujiya’s katsu don, priced at only $3.95!

Like most of Fujiya’s cooked food items, this product comes prepackaged and refrigerated. Despite the katsu don being refigerated (probably not for very long since they make their food in the morning), it is a good portion for the price you pay. Pictured above is the katsu don in its original packaging, prior to being microwaved. All you need to do is transfer the katsu don onto a plate and pop it into the microwave for about a 1-2 minutes, depending on your microwave, or you can microwave it for longer if you want it to be hotter.

Although the katsu is looses its crispiness from being refrigerated and reheated, the taste is comparable to a katsu don from a restaurant, minus the crispiness. The combination of the sweet and savoury sauce with the katsu, egg and onion created a satisfying and delicious dish. I must add that despite being reheated, the pork was not dry or tough.

I’ve bought this on a few occasions and it has been consistently good and for $3.95, you can’t find get much elsewhere for that price. So for those reasons, I will continuing buying it. A little tip for you guys, in terms of the Clark Drive location, this usually sells out after lunch so I advise going before the lunch rush or during it if you want to try one. Thanks for reading!


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