Life Lately

First off, apologies for the lack of post lately. In 2 months I move to Kelowna, which means I have to start preparing for my move. Yesterday I received the unfortunate news that I am waitlisted for housing on campus, meaning that I will have to find an place to rent. Even though I applied very early, first year students and returning students get priority, so for a third-year transfer like myself, I get last priority. With 2 months left before school starts, I have limited time to find a place to rent and I feel stressed out. On the bright side, I registered for courses and got into all the courses I need to take.

Since I haven’t updated in a while, I’ll make this a longer, picture heavy post. Here are some pictures from my phone:

{Chorizodor burger from Romers Burger Bar}

{Father’s day dinner @ Seasons in the Park: Prime rib}

{My first time trying Soho Tearoom. I ordered the Malaysian curry chicken served with roti and a sad salad}

{Second time at Soho Tearoom. This time I got chicken steak and porkchop with mushroom sauce on rice. This was a generous portion for $8}

{Laksa, roti and beef rendang from Penang Delight‘s second location}

{My matcha haul… I love matcha!}

{Thai tea macaron sandwich. This melted very quickly on the hot summer night I ate it. I thought it was ok, most likely because I had higher expectations}

{Baked pork chop and chicken on rice from Ken Chinese Restaurant. This was a big portion, I could only finish 1/4 of it}

{Olympic cauldron at Canada day at Canada place}

{Also celebrated my cousins birthday on Canada day. This is his ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen. I haven’t eaten DQ’s ice-cream cake for a while now}

So that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading!


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