Review: Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen

I have a long list of restaurants to try, but Kishimoto wasn’t one of them. During car free day on Commerical Drive, Es S and I were originally going to go to the place next to Kishimoto’s, but due to the lack of service, (we stood for for a while and no one acknowledged us) we went to Kishimoto instead. Es S said she heard good reviews about Kishimoto, but I’ve never even heard of the place, so I went in with no expectations. When we were seated at the sushi bar, I noticed that the restaurant is run by Japanese people, which is not very common in Vancouver. After the meal, I was glad that we went here instead because I had a good experience.

After looking at the menu, here is what we ordered:

The first item to arrive was the tunta tataki salad. The melt in your mouth tuna rested on top of a bed of greens dressed with a tangy dressing. This had a nice balance of flavours and I enjoyed it.

Next came the Kishimoto roll- scallop, salmon, radish, sprouts, soy paper. This was beautifully presented, one of the nicest sushi  presentations I’ve seen so far. The taste was equally as impressive as the presentation. The ingredients tasted fresh and the whole roll tasted great.

The oyster motoyaki came next. Again, this was presented nicely and I enjoyed how it was accompanied by wooden spoons. The oysters were on the small side, but they were delicious.

If there’s okonomiyaki on the menu, I’m most likely to order it. I went for the plain okonomiyaki. At first glance, this looked great. It was thick, fluffy and filled with cabbage. Along with the sauce, mayo and bonito flake, this is my new favourite place for okonomiyaki because it was just so good!

The last item to arrive was the salmon hot stone bowl. Pictured above is the “before” picture, before the waitress pours the sauce and mixes everything together, resulting in a delicious concoction. I forgot to take a picture of the “after” picture, but the heat from the bowl cooks the egg and salmon, resulting in pieces of cooked egg and salmon mixed in with the saucy rice. Another impressive dish and a great way to end the meal.

Overall, I was very impressed with the food here. Although the prices are a bit higher and seating is limited, I highly recommend this place for some good Japanese food.

Kishimoto Japanese Kitchen 岸本 on Urbanspoon


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