Bon Crepe: Green Tea Parfait

After a delicious dinner at Cactus Club’s coal harbour location, we were in need of some desserts. Originally we were going to eat dessert at Cactus club, but after our server cleared our plates (which took 20 minutes after we finished eating) and looking at the dessert menu, our server never came back to take our dessert order. We waited around 15 minutes, so we just decided to pay and leave. We were originally going to go Bella Gelateria for gelato, but the line was insanely long, so I suggested we drive up to Bon Crepe on Robson Street.

Bon Crepe is located inside Konbinya Japan center, where you can order from the outside or go inside Konbinya to order. Along with delicious crepes, Bon Crepe also serves up soft serve ice cream, sundaes,bubble tea, parfaits, pudding and corn dogs. I love their crepe batter here and according to their website, the secret to their crepe is their “mochi mochi” texture. Since I’ve tried their crepes on numerous occasions, I decided to try their green tea parfait.

I love anything green tea/matcha, so naturally I would gravitate towards this parfait!

Here’s a picture of what goes into their green tea parfait.

Chicco, which is located a few blocks down Robson from Bon Crepe, also sells green tea parfaits, although their parfait is pricier. I’ve never tried Chicco’s parfait, so I cannot compare the two. Here is what I thought of the parfait:


  • Decent price for the amount of food you get
  • All the components by itself were good
  • I really enjoyed the soft serve and their homemade whipped cream


  • Hard to eat everything together, so instead you have to eat the layers separately
  • Green tea ice cream wasn’t really necessary because there is already green tea soft serve
  • Due to the green tea ice cream’s harder texture, it made it difficult to get the bottom layers
  • Wished there was more tapioca

I was too full to finish this, so I thought the parfait was good, but not amazing. Maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I was hungrier.  I also recommend sharing this with a friend because it’s quite hard to finish by yourself without getting into a dessert coma.


5 thoughts on “Bon Crepe: Green Tea Parfait

  1. Heyhey Jessica! It’s Susan from your past bio classes back at Langara haha. 😛 I stumbled onto you blog~ I love the quality of your food pictures. Looks awesome. ^^ The parfait looks freakin’ delish!

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