Seasons In The Park: Prime Rib Sundays

Back on Father’s day, my family celebrated the occasion at Seasons In The Park, located at Queen Elizabeth Park. Luckily for us, Father’s day was on Sunday so we were able to try their prime rib Sunday menu, a 3 course dinner for $35. Pretty good deal, considering the prime rib alone cost $27.50.

Sundays are also sangria sunday’s, so I got a cup of sangria to go with my meal.

Both my dad and I ordered the 3 course prime rib dinner and the first course to arrive was the caesar salad. The salad was accompanied by a big piece of crispy crouton. The salad was okay in my opinion, it wasn’t mind blowing nor was it bad. It was nicely dressed though, with the perfect amount of dressing.

Next to arrive was the prime rib served with yorkshire pudding, broccoli rabe, mash potato and squash. The prime rib was cooked perfectly medium rare and so tender. This was my first time trying yorkshire pudding and it reminded me of choux pastry; light and airy on the inside with a crispy exterior. Overall, well executed and delicious tasting dish.

My brother and mother decided that they didn’t want prime rib so they ordered different items.

My brother went for the Filet Mignon Neptune- crusted with crab & topped with béarnaise sauce. It was cooked a tad over medium rare but it was delicious, especially the sauce.

My mother ordered the Fraser Valley Chicken-  lemon, thyme & garlic. I forgot to ask her how it was, but she didn’t complain about it, so it must have been okay (because my mom always complains about her food).

The last course of the prime rib Sunday menu is dessert, which was chocolate cake. This was a very generous portion, enough for 2 people. I was quite full, so I only ate a bit of the cake. Not much to comment about it except it was very decadent.

Overall the dishes we ordered were well executed and tasty. Since it was father’s day that day, the restaurant was busy and the services was slower.


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