PNE: BBQ and Fried Pickles

Hey everyone! I’m back from Oregon but since I only went for a few days, there’s nothing exciting to blog about. On Tuesday, M, Es S and I went to PNE because free admission was offered from a certain time. PNE is a yearly tradition for me even though it’s similar every year, but it just gives me a sense of nostalgia. Plus, PNE is the only time where I can eat some greasy fair food! We didn’t stay very long but here’s what we ate:

From Prairie BBQ we got the ribs, brisket and pulled pork combo. Even though they won consumers choice last year, the brisket was overly salty and a dry, and the ribs were also dry. The pulled pork wasn’t bad, but it needed BBQ sauce for added flavour. Overall, we were disappointed.

I tried the ribs from Gator BBQ later that evening but forgot to take a picture of it, but their ribs were much better. They were fall off the bone tender and didn’t need any extra BBQ sauce.

From Pickle Pete’s we got an order of deep fried pickles. These weren’t really what we expected. Although the fried pickles were clumpy and not very crispy, they didn’t taste too bad. The accompanying chipotle mayo also went well with the pickles.

I will definitely be back. I usually go after 9pm because it only cost $5 to get in, although many of the BBQ is sold out by then.  This time around I didn’t get any wiggle chips, which I get every year, so I will be back to get some of those and to try some other fair food!


2 thoughts on “PNE: BBQ and Fried Pickles

  1. If you’re cheap like me, but don’t like really large crowds, get a Vancity card and you can go in all day with another guest for $5 each on the 29th. I’m getting tired of PNE BBQ, because it’s so disappointing once you’ve tasted really good bbq. However, I’m looking forward to trying a kangaroo burger this year.

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