This past Friday I celebrate my 20th birthday. It’s hard to fathom the fact that I am no longer a teenager, but as I grow into a young adult, I’ve experienced some of the hardships that come with it. I usually like to celebrate my birthday with family and close friends because I’ve never been into big parties. After a miserable birthday last year, I was happy that I was able to have family over to celebrate my birthday. I share the same birthday as my dad, so it was a celebration for both our birthdays!

Pictured above is the two cakes I got for my dad and I’s birthday. The one left is a earl grey cake from Trafiq bakery and the one on the right is a green tea chiffon cake from H-Mart. I love anything earl grey and green tea, so naturally I would be drawn to these cakes.

The earl grey cake was beautifully decorated with edible gold glitter and crunchy pearl balls (which were really good). The cake itself was also delicious with a nice earl grey flavour that paired nicely with the chocolate ganache.

The green tea chiffon cake was a bit of a disappointment because it lacked green tea taste. It still tasted good though, as it was light and creamy, but it just tasted like a regular cake. The only element of the cake that exhibited green tea flavour was the glaze on top, but it was barely enough to flavour the whole piece.

I got a ‘happy birthday’ text from a number from Chicago, which at first I thought it was from my friend who is currently in Europe, but after Googling the area code, I discovered it is a Chicago number. The thing is, I don’t know anyone who lives in Chicago or is in Chicago at the moment, so I’m kind of creeped out and curious to know who it is.

So that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading!



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