9 Things

One more weekend until school starts. I’ve had a long four month summer break and after this weekend, I’ll be back into school mode. As the first day of school grows closer, I’m overcome with this anxiety that I’m not up to par academically with the others. I’ve never been the smart type, I’ve always been an average student and it’s still a miracle to me that I got accepted into UBC. I voiced my concerns to a friend, and she told me to “prove them wrong”. That’s probably one of the most encouraging words I’ve been told.

For this labour day long weekend, I share with you 9 things from my summer, taken from my phone:

  1. Rudolph on liege waffle from Nero Belgian Waffle Bar
  2. Bisquit on brussel waffle from Nero Belgian Waffle Bar– finally got to try Nero and it did not disappoint!
  3. UBC Domo plush– Spotted this at the bookstore and had to get one because it was too cute to pass
  4. Meat sauce Japanese style spaghetti from Spaghetei for my post birthday lunch with S.A.W
  5. Philly cheese steak from Vera’s Burger Shack– used the $10 coupon Vera’s sent me for my birthday and got a Philly cheese steak, which was a disappointment
  6. Red velvet cupcake from Eagles Buffet in Tulalip casino
  7. Ra bok ki & Kimbap from Cham Mami
  8. Vietnamese iced coffee from Le Pho
  9. Chicken Karaage curry from ShuRaku Sake Bar and Bistro

That concludes this post. I hope you enjoy the long weekend and what is left of summer! It already feels like Fall here in Vancouver, or should I say Raincouver. Thanks for reading!



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