Hot and Cold

Hello readers! Now that it’s October, the cooler weather calls for hearty comfort food and hot beverages. The start of October also means the dreaded miderterm season for many students like myself. I don’t have much else to talk about, so here are pictures of food!:

{Red Velvet hot chocolate}

Red velvet hot chocolate, perfect for the cool fall weather. I enjoyed this indulgent beverage after class and it was much needed as classes were quite dull that day.

{Matcha soft serve}

Most people wouldn’t think about eating ice-cream in cooler temperatures, but I eat it year round. Even though it was raining and windy that day, S.A.W and I still enjoyed a creamy and delicious matcha soft serve.

P.S I added the Instagram Widget on my sidebar! You can click on the picture to follow me or you can follow me @jessicayet 🙂

So I guess that’s it for this short post. I hope you all enjoy your weekends!


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