Adventues in Downtown Bellingham & The Table Restaurant

Last Friday, Es S, M and I took a trip down to the states, specifically Bellingham, to do some grocery shopping. We were wandering around Downtown Bellingham when we became hungry. So we walked around, looking for a place to satisfy our hungry stomachs. There was just one problem though…. me. Most of the establishments situated in Downtown Bellingham were either bars, pubs or breweries and being 20 years old, I was considered a minor, meaning no entry. After going through many places, we finally found a place that I could dine at– It was such a relief.

The place we settled on was The Table by Bellingham Pasta. The service at The Table was excellent and made the dining experience more enjoyable. Since I forgot my camera, here are some crappy iPhone photos:

We started off with an antipasti plate. This was a good start to our dinner.

I ordered the Hunters Roasted ChickenClassic oven roasted herb chicken, mashed potatoes, brussel sprouts, traditional English tartar sauce. I enjoyed this dish and though the chicken was perfectly cooked. The fact that I was hungry made this dish taste even better.

While walking around Downtown Bellingham, we encountered some odd people. There was one guy who called us “the cutest triplets” he’s ever seen. I’m sure he was intoxicated and called us triplets because we are all Chinese. Es S thought he called us strippers instead of triplets and was appalled that M and I were not offended. I think even if he called us strippers, I would have just ignored him because we were clearly not dressed like strippers, not even near.

So that’s it for this post. I have non-stop midterms this whole month until Remembrance day long weekend. I hope you all have a good weekend and thanks for reading!




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