Food Diary: October

Hello readers! For this upcoming Remembrance day long weekend, I’ll be going to Whistler with my school’s cooking club. I am extremely excited because I haven’t been to Whistler for a long time!

I just wanted to do a short post on some foods I’ve eaten in the month of October….

  1. Oysters from Ebisu
  2. Tuna tataki from Ebisu
  3. Shots and this delicious lychee cocktail (forgot the name) from Ebisu
  4. Pad Thai from Mali Thai
  5. Halibut burger from White spot
  6. Chicken nugget meal with green tea latte from McDonalds: I had no idea McDonalds had green tea latte’s because I didn’t see any signs or advertisments and only ordered it because the cashier asked if I would like to try it. I believe it’s only available at McDonalds with McCafe’s. Verdict: not bad but a tad sweet for my liking.
  7. Delicious shrimp and pest pizza from Browns Social House
  8. Volcano roll from Ebisu: topped with tempura salmon.
  9. Chocolate praline cream puff from Beta 5 Chocolates: I was unaware that Beta 5 sold cream puffs! The one I’ve tried was heavenly.
  10. Pad Gra Pao from Mango Thai: good Thai food and friendly service on Davie Street.

After my last midterm, I met up with some friends and we had a nice dinner at Ebisu (picture 1,2,3 & 8) . We also enjoyed some alcohol which was much needed! I’m counting down the days until this semester ends so I can relax and partake in Christmas celebrations! Thanks for reading and have a good weekend! 🙂

PS I dedicate this post to my friend L, who is my #1 follower and my motivator to blog :p


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