Review: 4 Angels Beauty Care

Located in downtown, 4 Angles Beauty Care offers threading, face services waxing services and massages in a warm and inviting setting. When I was offered to review their services, I jumped onto the opportunity to review something I am less acquainted with. I decided to review their facial and head massage services, but ended up getting the illu-mini facial , divine brows and pieces of heaven instead as my eyebrows were in dire need of threading. This was my first time getting a facial and my eyebrows threaded, so continue reading to find out how it went!

My first impressions of the place was that the space was smaller than I had anticipated, but inside was clean and inviting.

I was warmly greeted by the owner with a hug, which made me feel very welcomed. After filling out a new customer form, I was ushered to my seat where I would be receiving my Illu-Mini Facial: Walk in off the street for a quick pick-me-up! A mini facial that is perfect for a lunchtime boost or to get an illuminating face. This facial includes an exfoliation treatment, cleansing and a facial massage or extractions.

As I mentioned, the place is quite small, with 3 chairs and 2 rooms in the back (for waxing I presume). Although the place is small, it didn’t feel cramped and there was ample space between each chairs. With soothing music playing, the place felt relaxing and stress free (unlike school!).

To start my off the Illu-Mini Facial, I was seated on a comfortable chair (pictured above) and I was given a blanket, which I thought was a nice touch. Here is the breakdown of my facial:

  • The facial started with a cleanser to remove my makeup. Following that, an exfoliating gel was applied to my face with a brush. Initially, the gel felt tingly on my face, but the esthetician assured me that it was natural for that to happen.
  • After the gel was applied, it was rubbed onto my face in circular motions, exfoliating the dead skin cells on my face.
  • After the exfoliating gel was removed, my face was massaged and it felt heavenly. The gentle strokes and massaging motions on my face was so relaxing and I didn’t want it to end.
  • I need to note that my esthetician was very gentle and polite–she frequently asked if I was ok.
  • Following the heavenly face massage, a mask was applied and left on to dry and accompanied by cooling cucumbers placed on my eye. After the mask was left on for a bit, I was greeted by a warm towel.
  • The last step of the facial was moisturizer, which was applied liberally on my face.

After feeling refreshed from the facial, we proceeded to fixing my eyebrows. Before I start talking about my threading experience, I must share that I’ve have over-plucked, patchy eyebrows that lack symmetry. In other words, my eyebrows are a nightmare. The Divine Brows includes a consultation, brow massage and brow makeup.

  • During the consultation, my desired eyebrow shape and length was draw on with a white pencil.
  • After determining the shape and length of my desired eyebrow, my esthetician proceeded to thread my brows skillfully and swiftly. Tweezers were used to remove any missed  hairs and my eyebrows were trimmed where necessary.
  • Following the threading, I was given a soothing brow massage around the forehead and in between the brows.
  • The last step of the divine brows is brow makeup, where an ashy blonde eyebrow shadow was applied to my brows to fill in the gaps in my brows and a highlighting shadow was applied on the brow bone.
  • I wasn’t sure if anything would make my brows more symmetrical, but my esthetician somehow managed to make it as symmetrical as it could get. I was very pleased with the results!

As for the Pieces of Heaven, I got my upper lip and chin threaded. I found that it was more painful getting my upper lip threaded than did getting my eyebrows threaded. After the threading, I was left with a hairless upper lip and chin.

Overall, I had a good experience getting a facial and my eyebrows threaded for the first time! I was pleased with my results and the service was friendly and welcoming.

Disclaimer: I was offered the services free of charge but all opinions expressed are my own.


3 thoughts on “Review: 4 Angels Beauty Care

  1. Great blog if you have the time could you check out a few of mine 😊 also if there’s anything you’d like me to write about just ask !x

    • What a beautiful picture of a field of tulips! The last time I had such a bri-aatkkeng experience was my visit to Holland in April a few years back. That was absolutely beautiful. I wished I just stayed among the tulips 😀 Your chicken dish looks very delicious. I love the added lime. Thanks for sharing.

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