Food Filled Week

My week last week was a mix of good and bad. The week was suppose to be filled with food adventures, which it was, but I also had some bumps along the way… I had an incident with my car (nothing serious, I bumped into a parked car while trying to park) and I’m pretty sure I failed my first stats midterm (50 minutes for a stats exam is not enough, I didn’t manage to finish the last 2 pages of the midterm). Although I was feeling down from those events, I realize that it’s best to just move on and acknowledge my shortcomings.

Here are some highlights from the past 2 weeks:

{Dessert tasting}

My week started off with a dessert tasting hosted by UBC Food Society. Desserts included frissant, green tea mousse cake, pavlova, tapioca pudding, coconut chiffon cake, marjolane cake and cheesecake (not pictured).

{Rose flavoured iced hot chocolate, liege waffle with salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut spread}

{“London Fogg” hot chocolate- hot chocolate with vanilla and earl grey flavoured frozen gelato bar}

I also tried 2 places participating in the hot chocolate festival. Pictured above are hot chocolates from Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France and Bella Gelateria.

{Food from Street Food City}

I checked out Street Food City with the intention of trying JJ’s, but sadly they were not presented the day I went. So I settled on a tandoori chicken wrap from Soho Road (bottom left) with fries from The Kamboom box. I also got beignets from Yolk’s (top left) and a fish taco from Feastro (top right).

{Dine Out Vancouver @ Poor Italian}

Lastly, I attended my first Dine Out Vancouver with my family. Our restaurant of choice was Poor Italian. I had the mussels, braised short rib served over risotto and panna cotta for dessert.

Weeks of good food has taken a toll on my skin and my energy levels, so I am reverting to a healthier diet. As midterms are fast approaching, I need all the energy I need to study. Thanks for reading!



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