Life Lately: Food, Beauty and Health

Hello! Sorry for the short hiatus, I have been swamped with midterms that blogging has been one of my last priorities these days. I have two midterms before my reading break and I’m bummed that I won’t be going anywhere during my reading break. Guess I’ll just reminisce about my time in Vegas last year. Here are bits of my past week:

{Dine Out Vancouver @ Baru Latino}

I went to my second (and last) Dine Out on Sunday at Baru Latino. I specifically chose Baru Latino for their paella (bottom left picture). Overall, my meal was delicious and the flan was heavenly, although M thought it was too sweet.

{Left to right: Murad oil control mattifier, Murad Pure Skin Dietary Supplements, Anatasia brow powder, Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment and Clinique All About Eyes eye cream}

I ordered some skin care products from Sephora a few weeks ago when they were doing a 2x the points event. The products above are mostly to target my acne and oily skin. I’ve tried a multitude of products for my oily skin, but nothing has really worked so far. I read good reviews about the Murad oil control mattifier, so I am anxious to see how it will work for me!

I saw this book at Urban Outfitters on sale for $5 and couldn’t pass up on it. In my last post I mentioned that I was trying to eat healthier and logging what I consume into this fun diary has helped a lot. My only complaint is the space given for you to write is quite limited, so you either have to write in a small font or eat less..? Other than space to log your meals, there is also space to log your weekly exercises and motivating tips.

{‘Snow White’ hot chocolate w/ white chocolate caramel, earl grey, white chocolate almond and jasmine tea chocolates}

Lastly, I tried another place participating in the hot chocolate festival– Schokolade. I went for their ‘Snow White’ hot chocolate which is made with white chocolate, rose and peppermint flavours. I thought that the peppermint was a bit too overpowering for me and I couldn’t taste any rose. My brother enjoyed it though, so I gave most of it to him.

The hot chocolate comes with your choice of 4 chocolates and I chose ones that appeal most to my preference. Surprisingly, these chocolates were quite good! I was pleasantly surprised when the chocolates actually tasted like their flavours. Usually I find that when earl grey is infused with chocolate, you can’t taste much of it. But these chocolates contained an earl grey and jasmine tea cream filled center, which made the tea flavours more detectable.

So that was my week! The Olympics start this week, are any of you going to be watching it? I’ll probably take a glimpse of the opening ceremony since I’m up at 6:30am for school anyways on Friday, but I probably won’t watch any of the events since I’ll be studying. Thanks for reading and have a good weekend!


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