For the love of Matcha!

I love matcha and anything made with it. During my reading break last week, I indulged in numerous drinks and food made with matcha…

When David Tea’s introduced their tea infused chocolates, I was excited to try them. Unfortunately, I thought they were overpriced and lacked tea flavour, especially the white chocolate with matcha matsu. To me, it lacked matcha flavour and just tasted like plain white chocolate with the slightest hint of matcha.

I tried this Japanese new cafe called Basho CafeĀ and I was in matcha heaven! I will do a full blog post on it in the future but on my visit, I got a matcha latte and a piece of white chocolate matcha brownie. They also have other baked goods made with matcha including matcha coconut cookies, matcha mochi brownie, matcha filled meringue on that particular day!

I blogged about this green tea parfait here. Since I was in the downtown, I decided to get one to satisfy my sweet tooth. I love the green tea soft serve ice-cream, it’s so delicious!

{Matcha Coco: Matcha, Bailey’s and milk}

{Green Tea Mojito}

Lastly, I had two matcha flavoured cocktails at Guu. I enjoyed the matcha coco cocktail because it tasted like a spiked green tea latte. The green tea mojito was interesting and had a strong matcha flavour to it, but overall, I enjoyed both drinks.

I am still on a quest to try as many matcha related food and drink items as possible. If you have any recommendations about where I can get some or what I should try, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!


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