Got Craft? Spring Edition

Over the weekend, I had an opportunity to check out Got Craft? Spring Edition with my cousin and her friend. On the Saturday afternoon we visited, it was bustling with people and overall, I had a good experience. Here are some highlights from the market and read until the end of the post to find out what I bought!

{Cute stall selling crocheted things}{Coffee scrub made with natural ingredients that leaves your skin so smooth and moisturized} {Le Meadow’s Pantry had an assortment of jams, honey’s and syrup. My cousin’s favourite is their Rhubarb ginger jam}

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Life Lately: Food, Beauty and Health

Hello! Sorry for the short hiatus, I have been swamped with midterms that blogging has been one of my last priorities these days. I have two midterms before my reading break and I’m bummed that I won’t be going anywhere during my reading break. Guess I’ll just reminisce about my time in Vegas last year. Here are bits of my past week:

{Dine Out Vancouver @ Baru Latino}

I went to my second (and last) Dine Out on Sunday at Baru Latino. I specifically chose Baru Latino for their paella (bottom left picture). Overall, my meal was delicious and the flan was heavenly, although M thought it was too sweet.

{Left to right: Murad oil control mattifier, Murad Pure Skin Dietary Supplements, Anatasia brow powder, Boscia Clear Complexion Treatment and Clinique All About Eyes eye cream}

I ordered some skin care products from Sephora a few weeks ago when they were doing a 2x the points event. The products above are mostly to target my acne and oily skin. I’ve tried a multitude of products for my oily skin, but nothing has really worked so far. I read good reviews about the Murad oil control mattifier, so I am anxious to see how it will work for me!

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Review: 4 Angels Beauty Care

Located in downtown, 4 Angles Beauty Care offers threading, face services waxing services and massages in a warm and inviting setting. When I was offered to review their services, I jumped onto the opportunity to review something I am less acquainted with. I decided to review their facial and head massage services, but ended up getting the illu-mini facial , divine brows and pieces of heaven instead as my eyebrows were in dire need of threading. This was my first time getting a facial and my eyebrows threaded, so continue reading to find out how it went!

My first impressions of the place was that the space was smaller than I had anticipated, but inside was clean and inviting.

I was warmly greeted by the owner with a hug, which made me feel very welcomed. After filling out a new customer form, I was ushered to my seat where I would be receiving my Illu-Mini Facial: Walk in off the street for a quick pick-me-up! A mini facial that is perfect for a lunchtime boost or to get an illuminating face. This facial includes an exfoliation treatment, cleansing and a facial massage or extractions.

As I mentioned, the place is quite small, with 3 chairs and 2 rooms in the back (for waxing I presume). Although the place is small, it didn’t feel cramped and there was ample space between each chairs. With soothing music playing, the place felt relaxing and stress free (unlike school!).

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Fall Skincare

Now that it’s fall, my skin has been quite dry lately. I’ve also been suffering from some bad hormonal acne lately which has left my face with unwanted scars. Since I was running out of face products, I decided to restock on products and try some new ones as well

{Left to right: Clinique dramatically difference moisturizing gel, Clinique all about eyes eye cream & Lancome DreamTone serum}

  • Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel: This is my all time favourite gel because it works well with my oily skin. It moisturizes without making my face fell oilier
  • Clinique all about eyes eye cream: I have horrible eye bags and I’ve been told numerous times I look really tired even though I’ve gotten enough sleep. My under eye area was also feeling dry so the lady at the Clinique counter suggested this cream. So far I’m liking it because it’s a nice cream-gel consistency and moisturizes quite well
  • Lancome DreamTone serum: I bought this to replace my old serum, Cliniques even better dark spot corrector, which wasn’t really working despite using it for more than 6 months. Despite the hefty price tag, I decided to get this because it seemed to be a product that target many of my concerns (redness and acne spots). I just started using it so I can’t comment on it yet, but I’m hoping it works because I’ve read good reviews on it.

How To: Dresses and Skirts for Begginers

I love wearing skirts and dresses simply because I can never find pants that fit me well. I have short legs and bulky thighs, so it’s hard finding jeans that fit me well. Inspired by S.A.W, I decided to make a post about how to style skirts and dresses for those who don’t normally do. I’m probably the only one out of all my close friends who wears dresses or skirts, so I’m going to share some of my tips and experiences. I should also include that these outfits are meant for spring/summer.

My goal of these outfits is to incorporate pieces that you might already have in your closet; t-shirts, denim shirts, cardigans, etc; and show you how to style them with skirts and dresses. I find that for most of my outfits, I can wear them with skirts or pants, but of course I prefer wearing them with skirts.  Dresses and Skirt outfits

 1. The first outfit I put together consist of a basic white tank with a basic black skirt and a cardigan. Everything is solid printed so it’s suitable for those who aren’t into prints. I find a longer cardigan goes well with skirts and dresses. I styled the outfit with blue sandals, which provides a pop of colour to the monochromatic outfit. You could also style this outfit with flats or ankle or combat boots.

2. The second outfit consist of a red polka dot dress with a denim jacket and toms. This is an outfit I would wear if I was hanging out with friends and walking for a extended period of time. This outfit is very casual and not too girly.

3. The third outfit consist of a white cropped topped paired with a blue maxi skirt. I love maxi skirts, they’re great if you don’t want to show off your legs of if your legs a bit fuzzy. Maxi skirts also create a nice silhouette for your body. I find cropped tops go great with maxi skirts because they are the perfect length tops to wear with maxi skirts.

4. The last outfit I have created consist of a triangle printed dress paired with a light wash denim shirt and combat boots. The combat boots give this look a bit more edge. If you don’t like baring your arms, layering a light denim shirt is a good way to cover them.

Here are some more outfit inspirations:
[a t-shirt paired with a pleated skirt and oxford is a great way to transition into skirts]

 [A great wear to wear a maxi skirt: pair it with a v-neck and cardigan]
[t-shirt, black skirt and a denim shirt paired with flats
[combat boots toughens up Rachel’s floral printed dress]

Back to School Haul

Fall is my favourite season, which is why I usually spend the most money on fall clothing. With all the sales going on right now, it’s too enticing for me to pass up… lol. So here are some of my back to school purchases, mainly from the Aritzia warehouse sale.

From the Aritzia warehouse sale:

{T. Babaton Sweater. Original price $85, got it for $39.99}

{T. Babaton silk blouse. Original price $110, on sale for $39.99}

{Wilfred shirt. Original $60, on sale for $24.99}

{Wilfred wrap dress. Original $85, on sale for $29.99}

{J Brand twill pants. Original $220, on sale for $74.99. I love the fit so I bought 2 pairs}

I was pretty happy with my purchases at the warehouse sale. This year was definitely better than last years in terms of location and selection. Original price for all the items I purchased is $780, I paid $284.94 before taxes, making it a savings of $495.06!

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Youth Without Youth

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am still recovering from getting my wisdom teeth extracted but now I am able to eat soft foods, too bad my cousin is having a BBQ for his sweet 16th, won’t be able to eat most things. M, her friend N and I are also going to watch Metric in concert when they come to Vancouver in November. I am extremely excited since I am a fan of Metric and I don’t go to concerts often.

Here are some pictures of my week:

{New Talula hat from Aritzia. I love the floral stash}

{Mini MAC Fix+, so cute!}

{Favourite summer time drink: watermelon slush}

{Delicious Hainanese chicken from Cafe D’Lite}

I am off to Canada Place to celebrate Canada Day and then I’m headed to my cousins birthday. Thanks for reading 🙂

LA Purchases

I didn’t plan on buying too much in LA, mostly because I bought all the summer clothes that I need but I was still on the hunt for maxi skirts. Most of my trip was spent sight seeing so I didn’t get in much shopping but here is what I got:

{Maxi skirt from Forever 21. Only $18!}

I visited Santee Alley which is located in the fashion district because I heard they had cheap clothing and accessories. From Santee Alley I got:

{Sleeveless blouse}

{Hi-low skirt}

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Drugstore Favourite: Revlon Age Defying Moisturizing Concealer

I’ve been using Revlon’s Age Defying Moisturizing concealer, and it’s become one of my favourite concealers. I find that most concealer look cakey on my face because I have combination to oily skin, but this one blends nicely into my skin and has the added bonus of SPF 25! It also conceals most of my redness I have from having rosacea.

The formula is very creamy and blends nicely into the skin for a flawless finish. With primer and powder, this stays on my face most of the day even though my face gets extremely oily.

I purchased this at Target, but I believe it is not sold in Canada because I can’t seem to find it anywhere here in Vancouver. Let me know if it is available in Canada and where to find it 🙂