Weeking Outings: The Farmer’s Market

One of my favourite weekend activities is to visit the farmers market with my cousin. Two weeks ago, I visited the Kitsilano farmer’s market, which is temporarily being held at the location where Nat Bailey’s farmer market is held. Since I was dog sitting that week, I decided to bring along Yuki. Continue reading to the end to see what I bought!

{My cousin and Yuki} {Yuki and I. My outfit that day included converse, a midi skirt, white tank, jean jacket and Kate Spade bag}

{French pastries from French Made Baking}

{Beautiful peonies}

{Yuki made some new doggy friends!}

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3 Things

{Lemongrass beef & spring rolls from Saigon Venture}

{Homemade kimchi fried brown rice with bacon}

{New glasses for school — I love them!}

Life lately has been uneventful. The only exciting thing for me lately was attaining new glasses and getting my eye brows threaded. Other than that, I’ve been just focusing on school. I don’t have much else to say, so that’s it for this post. Thanks for reading!

Fashion Favourites: American Eagle Jegging Ankle

Since I haven’t made a non-food related post in a while, I thought I would share one of my favourites: American Eagle’s Jegging Ankle. I have a love-hate relationship with jeans because I haven’t found a pair that fits nicely. That is until I discovered the jegging ankle. For a 5’3 girl with a curvy body and short legs, I find it extremely difficult to find a pair of jeans that are just the right length and fit. Most jeans I purchase require hemming because the length is too long, but these are the perfect length for me.

Here is what I like about the jegging ankle:

  • Perfect length for shorter girls like myself (the ‘short’ length has a 26 inch inseam)
  • Comfortable due to its stretchy material
  • Legging-like fit but look like jeans (plus, they have useable front pockets, which I find many jeggings lack)

The only problem I have with these jeans is that although they run true to size for me, they do stretch out after a few wears and get looser around the knee area.

In conclusion, I would recommend these jeans for those who are shorter in height and looking for a pair of jeans that are comfortable for the most part. American Eagle’s Jegging Ankle retails for $43.55 CAD but they often go on sale! I hope you found this review useful and thanks for reading.

Shiny Fuzzy Muddy Show

Last weekend I attended the Shiny Fuzzy Muddy show held at the Heritage hall. According to their website, the show takes place during the second week of December at the Heritage Hall. This year, the show celebrated it’s 10th year of supporting and promoting Canada’s brightest talent in art, fashion, craft & design, with an emphasis on Canadian-artist made products. If you are wondering about their name, it reflects the products they sell: objects of adornment (shiny), garments to wrap your home and body in (fuzzy) and clay molded to contemporary forms for the home (muddy).

On the Saturday afternoon I attended, the place was bustling with people. I didn’t have much time to browse, but here are pictures from the show:

You can click on the vendor’s name to go to their website.

{Elizabeth Burritt Design}

{Sarah Mulligan Glass}

{Him Creations}

{A Trace a Grey Design}



{Jesse Turner Design}

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Recent Purchases: US edition

Hello everyone, I hope you are all doing well. Last Thursday, Es S, Prince V and I headed down to the states to do some shopping. We went to Seattle’s premium outlet, Trader Joe’s and Bellis Fair. This was our first time going to Trader Joe’s and I was excited to go because I’ve heard people raving about so many of their products! Here’s what I got:

Our first stop was the premium outlets. I didn’t buy much because I wanted to save my money for Trader Joe’s and Bellis fair.

I got this Marc by Marc Jacobs watch from the Fossil store for $60, which I think is a good deal. It’s a small watch with a leather strap and a good addition to my closet. I also got a pack of bangles from Aldo, which came with a leaf bangle and an infinity sign bangle.

From PacSun, I got a cross printed cardigan ($19.99)  and Billabong tank top ($16.99) with a hear print. PacSun is having a great sale right now, all their sale items are buy 1 get 1 free.

Our next stop was Trader Joe’s. My first impression of the place was that the prices were so cheap compared to Canada. I can’t wait to come back!

I also bought a bag of lightly salted kettle cooked chips but ate it before I took these pictures. I’ve only tried the Palak Paneer and onion rings so far, and I thought both were good.

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Recent Purchase: Hunter Bradwell Short Rain Boots

While browsing the clearance section on Little Burgundy’s website, I came across these Hunter Bradwell short rain boots. These have been on my wishlist after seeing a picture of them on instagram. I have big calves, so I have a hard and mostly frustrating time finding tall boots that fit, so I tend to buy booties. Since they were 50% off their original price of $140, I decided to get them. I also had a 10% code and after shipping (which is $5), the total was $75.84.  These will be perfect for the snowy Kelowna winters and I think they pair nicely with skinny jeans. Even though they aren’t the most physically attractive shoes, I bought them because they are practical in snowy weather conditions and also because I don’t own any Chelsea style boots.

Here are some ways to wear these boots:

{Via here}

{via here}

With all the sales going on, it’s very tempting to purchase things I want, but don’t necessarily need. I’ve limited myself to purchasing clothing for the upcoming fall and winter seasons because Kelowna doesn’t have most of the clothing stores I shop at, so in a way, I am stocking up in Vancouver. Thanks for reading!

Forever 21 Recent Purchases

I just cleaned my room the other day and I realize I have a lot of clothes and the sad thing is that I tend to wear the same pieces of clothing. Lately I’ve been really into cross-printed clothing. I’m not exactly sure why I’m so drawn to cross-printed clothing but my recent purchases from Forever 21 reflect this craze.

Here’s what I got:

The first item I got is this cross printed short-sleeve blouse.

The second item I got is this studded muscle t-shirt with a diamond print. I love the stud detailing.

The last item I got is this cross print maxi skirt. You can’t tell from this picture but it has a slit on the side and underneath is actually a pair of shorts. I’ll probably add my own underskirt under this because I find the shorts too short.

So that concludes my recent purchase. Thanks for reading!

My Week In Photos

The weather in Vancouver has been bipolar lately. Last week the weather was like summer but this week, it returned to typical rainy Vancouver. On rainy days, I like to stay home and do nothing… I wish I could do that everyday but my life would be boring and meaningless. Anyways, I bought a photo editing app on my phone and since I don’t usually buy apps, I justified my purchase by using it excessively. Here is my week in photos:

{Baked Portuguese chicken on rice from Mui Garden. The food came out incredibly slow and service was bad but this dish was not bad}

{Checked out the Target in Coquitlam and bought 2 shirts}

On Friday, SAW and I watched The Great Gatsby. I read the book last summer for an English course and I loved it, but I thought the movie was average. I did however enjoy the music in the movie, especially the Lana Del Rey song!

{My outfit for my outing with SAW}

{Before the movie, we ate Korean food for lunch. Pictured above is dduk bok gee}

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How To: Dresses and Skirts for Begginers

I love wearing skirts and dresses simply because I can never find pants that fit me well. I have short legs and bulky thighs, so it’s hard finding jeans that fit me well. Inspired by S.A.W, I decided to make a post about how to style skirts and dresses for those who don’t normally do. I’m probably the only one out of all my close friends who wears dresses or skirts, so I’m going to share some of my tips and experiences. I should also include that these outfits are meant for spring/summer.

My goal of these outfits is to incorporate pieces that you might already have in your closet; t-shirts, denim shirts, cardigans, etc; and show you how to style them with skirts and dresses. I find that for most of my outfits, I can wear them with skirts or pants, but of course I prefer wearing them with skirts.  Dresses and Skirt outfits

 1. The first outfit I put together consist of a basic white tank with a basic black skirt and a cardigan. Everything is solid printed so it’s suitable for those who aren’t into prints. I find a longer cardigan goes well with skirts and dresses. I styled the outfit with blue sandals, which provides a pop of colour to the monochromatic outfit. You could also style this outfit with flats or ankle or combat boots.

2. The second outfit consist of a red polka dot dress with a denim jacket and toms. This is an outfit I would wear if I was hanging out with friends and walking for a extended period of time. This outfit is very casual and not too girly.

3. The third outfit consist of a white cropped topped paired with a blue maxi skirt. I love maxi skirts, they’re great if you don’t want to show off your legs of if your legs a bit fuzzy. Maxi skirts also create a nice silhouette for your body. I find cropped tops go great with maxi skirts because they are the perfect length tops to wear with maxi skirts.

4. The last outfit I have created consist of a triangle printed dress paired with a light wash denim shirt and combat boots. The combat boots give this look a bit more edge. If you don’t like baring your arms, layering a light denim shirt is a good way to cover them.

Here are some more outfit inspirations:
[a t-shirt paired with a pleated skirt and oxford is a great way to transition into skirts]

 [A great wear to wear a maxi skirt: pair it with a v-neck and cardigan]
[t-shirt, black skirt and a denim shirt paired with flats
[combat boots toughens up Rachel’s floral printed dress]

This and That: 7 things

I’ve been slacking off from blogging lately, but now I’m back! Since my last post, I celebrated S.A.W’s birthday and been trying really hard to refrain myself from shopping. It seems like everyone is on vacation, and I’m stuck here in Vancouver. Since I don’t have anything else to say, here’s some pictures:

We celebrate S.A.W’s birthday with afternoon tea at Adonia

{Pictured above is one signature afternoon tea’s and 2 mini afternoon tea}

{Creme Brulee donut from Lucky’s Donuts}

{Went to Winner’s with my dad and he bought me these two items: [left] American Eagle lace bustier dress & [right] floral skull printed shirt}

I downloaded some editing apps on my phone, and like I mentioned in an earlier post, I like to edit my photos when I can’t sleep.. here are some of the results:

{Calamari dinner from The Slocan. Es S and I received bad service despite the place being empty. The dish wasn’t bad flavour wise but the squid was a bit chewy}

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