Food Filled Week

My week last week was a mix of good and bad. The week was suppose to be filled with food adventures, which it was, but I also had some bumps along the way… I had an incident with my car (nothing serious, I bumped into a parked car while trying to park) and I’m pretty sure I failed my first stats midterm (50 minutes for a stats exam is not enough, I didn’t manage to finish the last 2 pages of the midterm). Although I was feeling down from those events, I realize that it’s best to just move on and acknowledge my shortcomings.

Here are some highlights from the past 2 weeks:

{Dessert tasting}

My week started off with a dessert tasting hosted by UBC Food Society. Desserts included frissant, green tea mousse cake, pavlova, tapioca pudding, coconut chiffon cake, marjolane cake and cheesecake (not pictured).

{Rose flavoured iced hot chocolate, liege waffle with salted caramel and chocolate hazelnut spread}

{“London Fogg” hot chocolate- hot chocolate with vanilla and earl grey flavoured frozen gelato bar}

I also tried 2 places participating in the hot chocolate festival. Pictured above are hot chocolates from Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France and Bella Gelateria.

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Canada Day @ Canada Place

On Sunday, my dad and I went to Canada Place to check out the Canada day celebration. I actually wanted to go to the Canada day celebration in Surrey but it was too far. Here are some pictures I took:

{It was very cloudy when we arrived}

{Children playing hockey}

{Food trucks and food stands}

{Dad’s Montreal smoked meat sandwich}

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Vancouver’s Bipolar Weather

Vancouver’s weather has been pretty bipolar lately; one minute it’s pouring rain, then the next it’s extremely sunny. I tried to make the most of the weekend before school starts again and fortunately for me, the weather was very nice yesterday so I went biking. I also watched Seeking a Friend for the End of the World with S.A.W. and I thought the movie went a bit slow; the best part for me was the cute dog in the movie. The movie was very funny though, so I would recommend watching it if you’re into comedy.

Here’s some pictures I took with my iPhone during the weekend:

{Spotted this shirt along with a few other nice shirts at Front and Company}

{Vij’s Railway Express, one of the new food trucks in Vancouver, was at the Farmer’s Market so Es S bought and order of cassava fries and lamb kebab to try. Both were delicious!}

{Pho with Es S}

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Farmer’s Market

I enjoy going to farmer’s markets, but I usually don’t end up buying any produce because I never go home after, which defeats the purpose of going LOL. I usually buy baked goods and other prepared foods, which in a ways that is still supporting local businesses.

I met up with Es S yesterday to go to the winter farmer’s market held at Nat Bailey Stadium. Unfortunately it was a gloomy day yesterday, but nonetheless, many people still went.

Here is a picture I took while waiting for the ever so punctual Es S 😉 :

{Pretty blossoms of spring, too bad the weather doesn’t match it}

Here is what I purchased from the farmer’s market:

{Creamy Earl Grey Scone– so delicious! I love anything earl grey,and this had a good early grey flavour}

{Root Vegetable Chips}

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Portland day 2 part 2 : food

On day 2 of my Portland trip, we went to Washington Square to do some shopping. For lunch we just ate at the food court, which was not exciting at all.

Before we left, we grabbed some frozen yogurt from Yopop

Yopop is similar to Qoola, where you choose your frozen yogurt and toppings and you pay for how much it weighs.

Here is my frozen yogurt, I got it with peanut and original flavour and topped it with waffle, strawberries, mochi, oreos, and reese.

Es S’ frozen yogurt

My dad’s frozen yogurt.

After we went downtown to do some more shopping. We stopped at a food cart pod located on 5th street

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Food Cart Adventures #6: Re-Up BBQ

Hello and welcome to the 6th installment of food cart adventures. Today’s food cart will be Re-Up BBQ.

This food cart has been on my list of places to try for some time now. I finally got to try it with M and Es S.

Es S and I shared a Pulled Pork sandwich.

The lady kindly cut in in half for us. The pulled pork had a nice tang from the sauce and was pretty good.

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Food Cart Adventure #5: Ursu Korean BBQ Taco

Welcome to the fifth installment of food cart adventure. Today’s food cart is Ursu Korean BBQ Taco.

Located at Richards and Georgia, the owners are really nice!  The owner lady even posed for pictures 😀

They offer tacos, bulgogi dog and quesadilla’s.

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Food Cart Adventure #4: Cartel Taco

Welcome to the fourth installment of food cart adventures! Today’s food cart is Cartel Taco

They are located on Dunsmuir & Hamilton, which is their permanent spot.

Cartel Taco serves up Korean inspired Tacos and carries two kinds : Pork Bulgolgi and Beef Bulgogi

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Food Cart Adventures #2: Bun Me baguette

Welcome to the second installment of Food cart Adventures! Today’s food cart is Bun Me baguette, located downtown on Robson and Howe. Bun Me serves Vietnamese Bánh Mì and also offers drinks.

They only offer two kinds of Ban Minh: BBQ Lemongrass chicken and lemongrass tofu.

( click image to enlarge)

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