Monday Motivation: On following your dream

I got this magnet when I was at Got Craft? and I look at it when I’m in need of some motivation.

Recently I was in a period of my life where I felt lost. Realizing that I’m near the end of my undergrad with no clear direction of what I want to do afterwards, I was scared. What made matters worst is that I realized that I didn’t want to pursue psychology at the graduate level.

I took a risk and decided that I want to pursue marketing and communications. I knew that I could use my psychology background in marketing, despite what people tell me. I sought out experience related to marketing and communications, and ultimately landed an internship doing just that. I know that after I graduate with my psychology degree, I will have to take some courses in marketing/communications and for once in my life.

The moral of this post is that if you have a dream, take risks and work towards that dream. The journey will be hard, but in the end it will be worth it. I get people telling me that I can’t go into marketing with my psychology degree, but I’m proving them wrong. For so long I didn’t do anything because I didn’t think it was possible but it wasn’t until I took a risk that change happened. I am taking baby steps towards my dream career, one risk at a time.

Thanks for reading!



Tips for More Fruitful Finding

Though I would share some tips from an article I read in Psychology Today. I found it quite useful so hopefully you do too!

I’m pretty sure it’s happened to all of us (unless you have photographic memory), where it seems so difficult to locate something we’ve misplaced. I know I’m a victim of this, but I seem to be particularly bad at finding misplaced items.  A study from the University of Waterloo finds that we’re rushing, we often see things we are looking for, pick it up and then toss it aside without realizing it. It all makes sense, though I don’t usually leave things to the last minute, I always feel rushed. Our perceptual attention cannot work as quickly as our hands to do when digging through a purse or flipping through a stack of papers.

Here are 3 ways to force your perceptual and motor systems to get in sync so that you can improve your performance when tracking something down:

1. Think out loud: try naming everything you’re looking through, even just in your head, before rejecting it

2. Trust your guy: If you know your wallet is on the chair, its probably worth taking a second peek. Participants in the study naturally slowed down when they selected the sought-after item, right before putting it aside. There seems to be some unconscious recognition that they missed the target.

3. Use all of your senses: pay attention to smells, textures, and sounds to help tell objects apart. Don’t rely only on your eyes; hearing the jingle of keys or feeling the cold exterior of a smartphone can be just the jolt you need to realize what you’re looking at.

Punctuality: How to Be on Time

As you’ve probably noticed, I blog mostly about food, my life and the occasional post about fashion and beauty but I’ve been thinking about changing it up a bit. So I thought about it, and I’ve decided to add an “insight” category where I will be sharing with you some helpful advice and information I have come across or read. As a psychology major, I read and come across a lot of helpful and interesting information, so I thought I would share some of this knowledge with my readers. I hope you enjoy the new addition to the blog and feedback will be greatly appreciated 🙂

The first post under this new category will be on punctuality. If you know me, you would know that I hate being late for anything, regardless of the importance of the event. Experts say that being late suggests incompetence, self-centredness and a lack of integrity. Plus it causes stress and self-loathing that can affect almost every aspect of your life. I came across this article from Globe and Mail, so I thought I would share it with you guys.

Tips on being on time

1. Get Yourself to Bed

  • If you wake up tired, you will probably have a sluggish start which will bleed into the rest of the day
  • If you’re one of those people hitting the snooze button for half and hour in the morning, you’re most likely going to be late
  • Getting an ideal 8 hours of sleep will likely mean going to bed earlier, which is usually not possible for busy people, so try creating a nightly routine (dim the lights, have a cup of decaf tea, read) to let your body know it’s time to power down

2. Keep a Centralized Schedule

  • Decide on one place to keep all of your appointments and stick with it. With technology these days, it’s easy to record appointments directly on your devices, but unless they are all synced up to your system, try keeping your appointments on a daily agenda.

3. Be Realistic

  • People tend to underestimate the amount of time things take, whether that’s getting up in the morning or packing for a trip. We all tend to remember that one time when everything went smoothly, and use that as our reference point. Just because you took 20 mintues to get ready and it took you 20 minutes to get to work last time doesn’t necessarily mean you will take the same amount of time the next day.
    – What if you have a 3 minute convo with your spouse? What if there’s an accident on the route you take to work? What if your power goes out? Break down their schedule in a realistic way, then add about a half-hour of cushion room.

4. Adjust Your Bad Attitude

  • Many of us subconsciously use lateness as a way to express resentment for an obligation, whether that’s a job or maybe a dinner at your in-laws.
  • Examine why you might be showing up late. Are you getting distracted while getting ready? Are you purposely showing up late for work because of resentment? Maybe you simply don’t care about being late.

So that’s a summary of the article, but I would like to add my own tips on how to be punctual:

  • It’s always better to be early than right on time or late. It allows you time to prepare, relax and diminishes the stress of having to be on time
  • Be considerate of person waiting upon you. How would you feel if you were constantly waiting for someone?
  • Prioritize. If you’re planning on meeting someone at 12, don’t start watching a movie while you are getting ready or don’t start baking a cake thirty minutes before you are suppose to meet. You can do those things later, but for now, focus on getting ready and being on time.
  • If you class says it starts at 10:30, it doesn’t mean be there at 10:30. When calculating how much time you need, try to arrive at least 10 minutes early. If it takes you 30 minutes to get to school, try leaving at 9:50 instead of 10:00 so you can be at school before class starts.
  • Pick out an outfit the night before. This saves a lot of time in the morning if you are indecisive on what to wear. It also allows time for some adjustments.

So those are my tips, I hope you enjoy this post and feedback is greatly appreciated!