Weeking Outings: The Farmer’s Market

One of my favourite weekend activities is to visit the farmers market with my cousin. Two weeks ago, I visited the Kitsilano farmer’s market, which is temporarily being held at the location where Nat Bailey’s farmer market is held. Since I was dog sitting that week, I decided to bring along Yuki. Continue reading to the end to see what I bought!

{My cousin and Yuki} {Yuki and I. My outfit that day included converse, a midi skirt, white tank, jean jacket and Kate Spade bag}

{French pastries from French Made Baking}

{Beautiful peonies}

{Yuki made some new doggy friends!}

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Baker’s Market [2012]

If you know me, you know I love sweets. After my first experience with the Baker’s Market last year (read post here), I was excited to go again this year. After a month of non-stop group projects and studying, I was finally able to find one Saturday to check it out. December 8th marks the last day for the Baker’s Market, so I recommend you go check it out before it ends!

Since it’s December, many of the vendors had Christmas themed goodies. Most of the vendors give out free sample, so feel free to ask for some. I apologize for some of the photos; I rushed taking many of the photos

{This stall had many delectable looking sweets including cannele’s . The lady working there was also extremely friendly and offered us samples}


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Apple Rhubarb Crostata from East Village Bakery

I mentioned in previous post that one of my favourite bakeries is East Village Bakery. I decided to take a break from writing my essay and biked down there to get a treat. I ended up getting a apple rhubarb crostata.

The filling is a bit tart but I enjoyed the combination. Like their other crostata’s, the crust is buttery and delicious. I still prefer the blueberry frangipane crostata more, you can read my post on it here.


Pistachio White Chocolate Croissant from Footo Delights

A quick post about the pistachio white chocolate croissant from Footo Delights. I love both pistachio and white chocolate, so this was on my must try list for a while.

Pistachio white chocolate croissant- filled with pistachio cream and white chocolate chips

The buttery and flaky layers combined with chunks of pistachio and sweetness from the white chocolate made for a delicious croissant.

I’ve also tried their whole wheat croissant and it was very buttery and flaky- a sign of a good croissant! Check out Footo Delights if you are in the downtown area looking for yummy croissants.

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. Because it is Easter today, I decided to wear my bunny ring and paint my nails.

{Forever 21 Bunny Ring & American Apparel Nail Polish in “Office”}

I also enjoyed this treat from East Village Bakery

{Blueberry Frangipane Crostata}

That’s all for now. Like I mentioned before, I’m currently studying for finals so I’ll probably be doing quick posts for the next two weeks.

Bakers Market

After first discovering about the Bakers Market, I knew I had to go! I love desserts and sweets! M and I went to the Bakers Market last Saturday after wanting to go for a while.The last day for the Bakers Market is December 10th and I’m planing on going back 😛

Here are some pictures from the market:

Whoopie pies: chocolate, vanilla and pumpkin flavour.

Macarons from Kawaii eats.

Angry Birds cupcakes. These are so cute!

There was a stall selling these cute food shaped jewelry.

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