Maxi Skirts for Fall

Over the summer I’ve purchased many maxi skirts, but I never really wore them during the summer. Reason being is that I become warm really easily and wearing a maxi skirt in the summer weather made me feel like I was baking in an oven. Now that fall is approaching, I can incorporate maxi skirts into my fall wardrobe. Here is how I would wear maxi skirts for fall:

Fall Maxi Skirt Outfits

Here are some maxi skirt outfit inspirations for fall:

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Sunday Randoms: Online Purchases & Dinner

The wi-fi in my house has been having some problems lately, which is really annoying. We got a new router because the old one wasn’t working really well, but the new one seems to be worst.

I went to the States on Thursday with my family, I will make a post on what I bought maybe tomorrow or Wednesday since I have a midterm on Tuesday. In the meantime, here are some items I ordered online:

Faded Western chambray shirt from American Eagle.They were offering free shipping and 25% off for the long weekend.

Rhoades ankle boot from Aldo. They were having additional 50% off sale price of boots.

Also got a pair of Almos booties from Aldo. I have these in the colour “rust”, but I really like the style of these and they are really comfortable.

Here is my dinner for tonight:

Seafood fried rice (Portuguese style) from i-cafe. Surprisingly this was pretty good!

New Boots!

After trying on many boots, I finally found a pair that fit my wide calves! I discovered that I can bring a pair of leather boots to a cobbler to stretch, or I can try to stretch them out myself.

I know I said these boots didn’t fit my calves in my previous post, but I sized up 1/2 a size and they fit!

These are the Dolce Vita Mattey boots. These were purchased at Little Burgundy, and since I had an SPC card, I got 10% off 🙂

They are a bit snug around my calves, but I’m going to try to stretch them out a bit. If that doesn’t go well, then I’ll bring it to a cobbler to get them stretched.