Weekend Recap: Enjoying the Hot Weather In Vancouver

This past weekend in Vancouver has been hot temperature wise. Originally I had plan to go on a road trip with some school friends but I just started a new job and I wasn’t sure if i could get time off, so I didn’t end up going. Instead, I took advantage of the nice weather and spent time with family and high school friends! My weekend was a little too indulgent, but it’s Monday and I’m back to the clean eating grind.

I spent most of my weekend at the beach, more specifically at Spanish Banks. I like Spanish Banks because I find it less busy than the other beaches in Vancouver and there is free parking!

Friday: froyo, beach and family time

Prior to the beach, my cousin and I stopped by Scoop on West 4th to get some frozen yogurt. I got the lavender flavour while my cousin got the matcha flavour.

{Me and my frozen yogurt}

Spanish Banks was really quiet on the Friday afternoon we went. I didn’t mind though, it was quite nice actually.

{My cousin and the view}

After the beach I had a family dinner with my moms side of the family. I didn’t take any pictures of that but there was a lot of food!

Saturday: catching up with old friends and the beach again

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Food Diary: September

Some foods I’ve eaten in the month of September:

  1. Lemongrass chicken and spring roll on vermecelli from the international food court at UBC
  2. Bibimbap from In the Cup at UBC
  3. Chicken and vegetable also from In the Cup + free Vitamin Water
  4. Classic breakfast @ Thyme to Indulge
  5. Matcha slush and thick toast with condensed milk from Totoro Cafe
  6. Bulgogi, green tea rice cake and multigrain shaved ice from Midam Cafe
  7. Chorizo and egg burrito from Sal y Limon

Hello readers! Now that school has commenced, I’ve been eating out way too much. Even though I do pack lunches, sometimes it’s just easier to grab something at school. It doesn’t help that now that I’m at a new school, I have a desire to try the food places on campus. So far, the food I’ve tried on campus have exceeded my expectations, with a good selection of foods to choose from. I’ve been enjoying the free samples given on campus because who doesn’t like free stuff?

I know I’ve been blogging about food lately, but I’ll try to blog about other things! Thanks for reading 🙂


Whet: Kitchen. Bar. Patio

One of my blogging resolutions for 2013 is to post all the restaurant reviews I have backed up on my computer from last year. With my resolution aside, last summer, my dad and I biked from False Creek to Granville Island and it was very relaxing. As we arrived at Granville Island, we were feeling hungry so we decided to try out Whet because it has been on our “to try” list of restaurants in Granville Island.

We arrived during brunch and decided to sit on the patio, the view was nice although I didn’t take any pictures of it. Here is what we got:

I started off with the tomato saffron seafood chowderpotato, bacon, fresh seafood, fresh herbs, creme fraiche ($6). The portion was bigger than I had anticipated and it was filled with a good amount of fresh seafood. The bacon added a salty flavour to the chowder but unlike the name, I didn’t detect much tomato or saffron in the chowder. Overall I enjoyed the chowder.

My dad ordered the bacon cheddar omelette alderwood smoked bacon, aged white cheddar, mushrooms, shallots, red jacket hashbrowns and fresh fruit ($14). I only took a bite of his potatoes and they were nicely seasoned and as for the omelette, my dad said he enjoyed it. From the appearance of the omelette, it looked nicely cooked.

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Roundel Cafe

Roundel Cafe has been on my radar for a while now. Like many of the restaurants on Hastings, I don’t live too far from Roundel Cafe but yet it has taken me so long to try it. Es S and I went on a Saturday afternoon and the place wasn’t too busy, mainly because there was a 30 minute lineup at The Red Wagon.

Es S went for one of their specials, diabla shrimp benny with provolone & holloandaise sauce with toasted potatoes and salad. Es S said she enjoyed the benny.

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My Week in Phone Photos

This week has been a busy week preparing for finals and on top of that, my home internet is having problems. People who know me know what I have the most bizarre dreams, dreams that would make Freud proud LOL. I’ve been having some weird dreams about marriage and kids lately, I’m hoping these dreams aren’t foreshadows of my future haha.

Anyways, here are some pictures I took throughout the week:

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{Home made blueberry bran muffins minus raisins- just the way I like them!}


{Enjoying an original flavored frozen yogurt with strawberries from Yogen Fruz before night class}

{Dinner at Angel Cafe with my mom; chicken steak, baked oyster and a baked potato}


{Cemetery with my dad’s side of the family}

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A Small Break From Studying

I will say Happy Halloween in advanced since I won’t be making a post tomorrow. I usually don’t dress up for Halloween, same goes for this year especially since I have a lot of studying to do.

Today I went out with my dad and brother for brunch at ABC Country Restaurant. We had the breakfast buffet, which is available on Sundays and Holidays.

Here’s what I ate:

For my first round I got waffles with strawberry sauce, hashbrowns and some salad.

For my second round, I got waffles with strawberry sauce again ( I love waffles!), salad, rice, sweet and sour meatballs, shepherd’s pie and some fruit.

I also got some bread pudding and carrot cake for dessert, but I forgot to take a picture of those. The food was alright, but I think it was a bit pricey at $17.95 for the selection of food you get. They did have other food such as roasted ham, but I didn’t get any because I’m not a big fan of ham.

After brunch we went to Brentwood mall to buy a treadmill at Sears. The treadmill we bought has some Google Map function which I’m not quite sure how it works, but I will find out soon.

Someone ( I won’t say who) bought this Parissa full body wax. It appears to be targeted towards men, even though it’s not stated on the packaging but its quite obvious haha.

I found the pictures on the side to be quite amusing. Shows pictures of all the body parts you can wax. I’m not quite sure why they have two chest pictures and is the 3rd picture suppose to mean you can wax your thighs? LOL

So I’m back to studying but I keep getting distracted!

Cafe Medina

556 Beatty Street                                                                                               Vancouver BC                                                                      http://www.medinacafe.com/

I’ve seen a lot of photos and posts about the waffles at Cafe Medina, and being a waffle lover, I have been wanting to try it for a while now.

I went to Cafe Medina with S a while back. When we went, they said we would have to wait 10 minutes, but we only had to wait a few minutes.

The place is a lot smaller than I expected and dimly lit.

S and I both got one waffle each with 1 topping. S got waffle with raspberry caramel topping and I got waffle with white chocolate pistachio rosewater topping. Both were equally delicious.

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