Summer Loving: First Week of July

I’m a bit behind in blogging because my computer has been acting up lately but I think I’ve solved the problem. Since I didn’t post anything lats week, I’m going to separate my weekend recaps into two post. This post will consist of pictures from the first week of July.

Canada Day

My Canada day didn’t go as I had planned. I intended to go to Canada Place with my cousin before she went to work but we left the house too late and couldn’t make it in time. Instead we went to Chinatown:

We went to The Ramen Butcher for lunch. I had the Tsukemen; a cold ramen dish dipped in warm soup. It was great for the hot weather that day, but I found the broth too salty for my preference.

Afterwards, we walked over to Matchstick Coffee and I had an iced London Fog. Matchstick coffee is one of my favourite places to get a London Fog, following Steam tea house.

Afterwards, I went over to my other cousins house to celebrate his birthday and to eat some more. Following that, my friends and I had planned to go to Wreck Beach, but we never made it to the beach because one of my friends got too drunk and passed out.

Friday- July 3rd

On Friday afternoon, my cousin and I decided to bring her dog Miso to the park and have a picnic as well. We bought some snacks and sandwiches from Renzullo Food Market, a cute family-run deli in my neighborhood.


{Miso and I outside of Renzullo Food Market’s wall mural}

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Life Lately

First off, apologies for the lack of post lately. In 2 months I move to Kelowna, which means I have to start preparing for my move. Yesterday I received the unfortunate news that I am waitlisted for housing on campus, meaning that I will have to find an place to rent. Even though I applied very early, first year students and returning students get priority, so for a third-year transfer like myself, I get last priority. With 2 months left before school starts, I have limited time to find a place to rent and I feel stressed out. On the bright side, I registered for courses and got into all the courses I need to take.

Since I haven’t updated in a while, I’ll make this a longer, picture heavy post. Here are some pictures from my phone:

{Chorizodor burger from Romers Burger Bar}

{Father’s day dinner @ Seasons in the Park: Prime rib}

{My first time trying Soho Tearoom. I ordered the Malaysian curry chicken served with roti and a sad salad}

{Second time at Soho Tearoom. This time I got chicken steak and porkchop with mushroom sauce on rice. This was a generous portion for $8}

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Canada Day @ Canada Place

On Sunday, my dad and I went to Canada Place to check out the Canada day celebration. I actually wanted to go to the Canada day celebration in Surrey but it was too far. Here are some pictures I took:

{It was very cloudy when we arrived}

{Children playing hockey}

{Food trucks and food stands}

{Dad’s Montreal smoked meat sandwich}

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