Instagram Lately

I should really cut back my time on the computer and focus more on important things, like working out or working on my essay. I haven’t been up to much, mostly school, but I did watchThe Amazing SpidermanM and we both enjoyed it.

Here is what I’ve been up to via Instagram (@jessicayet):

{Yuki got a new hair cut and collar}

{Es S’ birthday cake}

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My lunch for today

Hello! Just wanted to make a quick post about my lunch for today : mixed green salad with balsamic vinaigrette and curry chicken salad  on top and it is from Whole Foods. The chicken doesn’t look very appetizing in this picture, but it is delicious!Since school has started, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and have been eating at home most of the week. Since I get off class at 10:20 on Mondays, I am able to go home and make lunch. I’ll probably being doing more of these post since it is fast and easy to post.